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Ugh...i'm Getting Fat

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MAN! I can only cache on the weekends, and SOMETIMES on weekdays, but it's a rare occasion. So far it's either been freezing or snowing or both on EVERY weekend! Now, I don't mind the weather at all, but the family isn't too fond of it. Not to mention it's supposed to snow Sunday, so there goes yet another wasted day. Saturday is my only chance, but I MAY get a chance after school tomorrow to do 1 or 2. Even on Saturday though it's supposed to be 16°, and pretty much everyone in my family except me HATES the cold. So I might as well put away my GPS until Spring...Ahh Spring, le printemps, the good weather season, with warm weather and NO ICE COLD SNOW. Seriously, I don't mind the weather no matter how cold, but I can't drive yet so no caching for me without someone else.


Anyone else getting stuck in the house because the family doesn't feel like going out?

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You're obviously intelligent and creative or geocaching wouldn't appeal to you, Focus your energies, then hit the road running.


Plan another hide. Write an elaborate cache page. Think up some cool stuff to put in it. Plan a travel bug. Make it a cool one with a fun goal. Write an article about caching without a drivers liscense. Send it to me. Become famous. <_<:D

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