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Opportunity Landing Chatroom Party

Jamie Z

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When Mars Rover Spirit landed on the surface on January 3, a group of us spontaneously met up in the chatroom to share the experience together while we watched NASA TV, either on television or online. We even devised a drinking game based on the telecast.


Opportunity is getting close to its landing scheduled to occur Saturday night January 24. There is a realtime countdown timer here.


I'll be watching, although I won't be at home with my dual-monitors, but I'll be online and probably in the chatroom. Anyone else interested in watching "together," I expect we'll have another party.


See ya there.



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This might put a dent in your plans...

Not at all, at least with respect to the party. While they try to re-establish contact with Spirit, Opportunity is well on its way to a landing on the opposite site of Mars.


And to make this a bit more on-topic, the name of Opportunity's landing site is Meridiani Planum. Sounds a bit like the equipment some of use.



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I was just curious if there is still a reading comprehension test required in order to participate???



To my knowledge, no there is not. However, if you'd like to know what time the landing is, you could check the original post where you'll find a link to a countdown timer until landing.



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I don't get to the #geocache chat channel as often as I used to. I was just curious if there is still a reading comprehension test required in order to participate???

Hehe... we dropped the test as soon as we got rid of that annoying green... um... we're live?!?... I mean... um... er....


See you there, Lep. :D


The last one was some of the most intense organized geocaching chat science spectation that I've ever seen... I wouldn't dare miss the next one... Oh, and Kitch, yeah, definitely be handy in case the streaming NASA TV feed dies again. <_< Maybe we can get a few other cachers with cable/sat NASA TV feeds to be associate typographers, just in case.

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By the way, does anyone have the URL for the better of the NASA TV feeds, or do we have to do some googling again?


Anyway, I'll be there well before 11pm CST tomorrow... wouldn't miss this one. (Incidentally, does anyone have their email address? We need to get a message to flag guy to wear the same shirt so we recognize him. <_<)

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This seemed to be a good place to ask: has anyone else ever seen a launch of any spacecraft?

I grew up on the Space Coast, currenlty live right across the river from the Space Center, so I've probably seen 100's.


After 40+ years of watching, I'll still go outside in lousy weather to watch a launch, especially a night launch.


(Gotta love it when nearby car alarms go off due to the noise and rumble.)

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This seemed to be a good place to ask: has anyone else ever seen a launch of any spacecraft? I've seen 2, both shuttles. Even tho they were from about 10 miles away they were truly awe inspiring. We were looking forward to possibly seeing a 3rd on a recent (June '03) trip but alas the shuttles were grounded after the latest tragedy.

I have seen several launches and being in the business, I was able to get as close as you can get without being in danger. The nighttime launches are the most spectacular. When I watch one of our Atlas/Centaur vehicles launch, it really makes me proud to do what I do.


In addition to seeing our Atlas launch, I have seen a Delta II launch. In the case of the Delta II, I was very close by with a high vantage point looking down at the rocket. It was a night launch with a clear sky and it was really spectacular when it arced overhead. I have never seen the Shuttle launch, but, I have gotten to walk all over the Shuttle service tower and see the thing close up, including sticking my head inside the Orbiter. Standing below the shuttle engines looking up at the stack on the pad is just amazing. The thing looks huge.


Rocket Man

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