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I'm thinking about making a travel bug with the goal of the TB making it to the Tokyo Auto Show. The show occurs once a year in October and I don't mind if it doesn't make it to the 2004 show. Does this sounds like it has a chance of actually happening?

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Thanks SparrowHawk. I didn't even think of making a goal to get near airports. I was definately going to put a tag that told people what it wanted to do, but I wasn't sure if there were any caches in Japan. Maybe someone that knows someone going to the Auto Show will take it for me. :huh:

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You might consider placing it near major universities. Most schools have a pretty good Foreign student scholarship programs, and at least from the west coast most Asian destinations are reached through Narita airport in Japan. Also Collage students seem like the “type” to help a TB along. When I went to Japan a year ago, I was worried about getting to the airport on time, and having all my documentation together, not picking up a TB on the way.

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Sending a 'bug to Japan should be very easy provided you set the '04 Tokyo Auto Salon as the desired destination. It may also help to attach a laminate card describing your 'bug and its desired goal.


As for preparing for a long trip, I think it would be okay to 'cache a 'bug or two a week or two ahead of time, Even moreso if the 'bugs you find might be helped along by the trip you're taking. The same applies for 'bugs you might find while away from home who could benefit from traveling back with you.

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