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If You Bid, They Will Come...


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Cease and Desist!!!


Step 5 of 6: Billing and Order Summary

Qty SKU Item Price Total


1184 5 x 10 Cache Sticker 730402 GEO - Green $1.99 $2,356.16

Subtotal: $2,356.16

Shipping & Handling Cost (UPS Ground): $10.06

Sales Tax (WA Tax): $208.23

Total: $2,574.45


I could only purchase 1184 of them but look...1184 x 3 = 3552 and wow, the shipping charges would only be approx $30. I don't know about you but it is the WA state sales tax that kills the deal for me. :huh:

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It's really a ploy by 'THEM' to snare unsuspecting terrorists by offering these at such a great price.


The expectation then would be to find these randomly hidden in the forests/riverbeds/city parks, expecting average citizens and Girl Scout Troops to happen upon them, winding up covered in white powder that smells/taste suspicously like powdered sugar when they spray from the air-tightness of them.

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From the auction




what does that have to do with anything?

Item Location: 2391 Gas St.

Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473-5820


You don't think they let just anybody walk on base without ID, do you? I needed to show ID one time to walk 5 feet inside the gates, in full view of the guardshack, to get the answers to a virtual cache.

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