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College Research Paper On Geocaching

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I am Dufer's girlfriend---- Loving Linda

I am a college student and in an English class this semester I am to write a research paper. I was given a list as long as my arm on subjects NOT to write about. I was told to come up with a new and interesting topic that has never been covered before. Talked to Dufer about it and he suggested geocaching and of course I readily agreed! What an incredible idea! I've found a couple of books that I need to buy to have research material. In my paper Iam to "argue" the positives and negatives of geocaching. My list of positives are three times longer than the negative list. Of course the typical ecosystem, interupting nature blah blah is on the neg list. I love geocaching and am having a hard time getting negatives out of it. Anyone have any other ideas? The book that I have found online that I need to buy is Geocaching: Hiding, Hiking, and High Tech. Are there any other books that I should get that covers caching that well?


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An "Is Geo-caching Good or Bad" paper? I guess if it's an under-grad filling English requirement paper that works nicely, but..


What about doing a paper on what motivates people to geo-cache, and why most of us don't "break the rules." Or the human interactions that exist, or lack there of, (maybe due to a connection with technology?) and the anonymity of the people involved (from the impersonality of the internet?).


Tell us how it goes. I'm curious as to what you use for a thesis.

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I just think there is so much more under geo caching that has not been explored deeply that you could work with. However, if it's just another paper, and there is a short time limit then stick with the basics and get a grade right? That’s what I would do in that situation any ways. Just my two bits. :huh:

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:huh: LOL this paper is not due until the middle of MAY! I am just one of those women that likes to have it done NOW! I really want this paper to be good because I have to read it to a classroom full of freshman college students--WHAT BETTER WAY TO CREATE INTEREST AND GET YOUNG PEOPLE INTO THE SPORT! obtw I am a 35 yo college freshman too! what will really cinch it is that there is a trad cache on the MWSC campus that I can tell them about
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I haven't checked Gecko's links, but I bet they are all good sources. The idea is that you will find more material in these forums than any book. Use the search feature in each of the forums, and don't limit it to the last 30 days or so. You will need to come up with the key words to use. You will have to scan thru a lot of nonsense, but there are more subjects here than can possibly be imagined. Good luck. :huh:

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Risk of injury and here.

- cost

- Use of resources

- Risk of addiction

- General insanity


Run away! Run away!


'Took a quick read through those posts. That's good stuff GeckoGeek. :huh: The people in here always have something funny to say. Even when talking about lime disease and stitches. The injury rate is existent, but much lower than almost any other outdoor activity I can think of.

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