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New To This With A Magelan 2000

Colorado Cache Clan

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I purchased a megalen 2000 for 5 dollars from a thrift store ...and am very new to geo caching the few i have done already have me hooked ...my question is is the 2000 to outdated to be a usefull tool


seems to be rather hit and miss when we are out looking for a cache .


one more question would a new gps get you closer to your target ?

the 2000 goes from 1/10 of a mile to 0 with nothing in between.


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No knowledge of your system, but if it goes from 524 feet to 0, youre gonna struggle to get a find using just the GPSr. Does it also give you a bearing to the cache? If it does it may be possible to get to 0.1 miles and take a bearing... then follow the bearing on a regular compass. If you sight along the bearing, you may be able to see some likely hiding places. This wouldn't work for every cache, but it would for others. I've heard of some cachers who have many finds without a GPSr, but I guess this needs excellent map and compass skills!




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I use a 4000 XL which has the same basic technology as a 2000 (4000 XL just has more waypoints and an armored exterior).


The 4000 XL gets me within 10 feet of all the caches I've looked for. That's better than a newer Garmin I recently borrowed (no, I don't know the model, but it made me decide to stick with Magellan).


If you don't like the 2000 and get a "better" one, I'll pay you the $5 you invested in it, and pay for shipping! Just send me an e-mail.


While it's true that the 2000 (and early 4000 XLs like I use) don't simultaneously track 12 satellites at a time, they still do pretty well.

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I am using a Garmin GPS 45, which has less precision than even an inexpensive new unit. Although still new to this, I have had good luck finding caches. Heck--some people hunt caches without ANY GPSr at all.


As I have just become aware, however, the limitation comes when you want to hide your own cache. With an old unit, you will probably not be able to provide other geocachers with the accuracy they are used to. Depending on your hiding place, and the hints you provide, others may not be able to find your cache.


Do you know anyone with a new unit who can go out with you to compare coordinates?

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I found one regular cache using my Magellan 2000, and that was mostly because the description was really good, and the GPS really wasn't needed all that much. The 2000 simply wouldn't work under any kind of tree cover. My eTrex Legend does a much better job under tree cover. The .10 mile resolution was frustrating. I was tempted to give it to my nephew to use for caching, but I feel he'd be needlessly frustrated and would get little enjoyment out of it. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I wouldn't fool with it.



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I just bought a Garmin 45 for 35 bucks. It works perfectly. Actually it looks new. The original owner only used it once or twice and gave up. All the waypoints that I have been downloading look to be accurate within 50 feet. All the waypoints were taken from inside my home (window sill) or from the dash of my car. It's -30 and windy up here and it's not much fun going outdoors. When downloading the waypoints on to programs like "MapQuest" and measuring the distances, I would say that it is accurate to 20 feet or less but I will say 50 feet in order to not exagerate. I made a PC cable and a power cable today. They both work perfectly. Now I'm enjoying myself with the freeware GPS programs. I think that those old cheap GPS machines are great. If you don't like GPSssing, you can sell them for the same price you paid for them. They are great learning tools. They are not complicated to use, yet have all the major functions without lots of bells and whistles. After a while, I will exactly know which model to buy if I ever want to spend more money. Lots of people buy what they don't need or not use because they were not familiar with all the aspects.

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Your manual is now one click away...


click this link for your manual


How do you like me now?



Nice job crzy. You're really tearing things up in here.


Thanks Everyone I Just bought an etrex on ebay for 60 bucks ...hopefully it will be more accurate ...thanks again


I think i am going to take them both with me on a couple cache's to see how much of a difference the 12 channel receiver is


I think you'll be much happier.

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I would promise that you'll like it better, but I will wait for you to tell us.

I know I love my legend, but hey, no reason to hate me right ?


$60 is a good price.

If you are buying used, then you should certainly be cautious.

There have been alot of problems brought up here in the past from users who

purchased items from unscrupulous individuals and regretted it.

Word to the wise, be VERY careful.

Otherwise, enjoy ! :rolleyes:

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I have a 2000 was my 1st unit and also the 1st one for the public,

I love it but technology advances.And it is very worn


I really like the Plotter Screen,but you have to update manually.


The new ones do it automticaclly,and you can interface the newer ones with the computer,which can't be done with the older ones.


When we first started we all had to begin with what we had to work with,and was allowed to have.


It's only getting better.

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WOW tried my new etrex <new to me anyway> lol

what a huge diffrence over the gps 2000.


Did a cach that i have been trying to do for a while the 2000 went from 1/10 mile to 0 probally close to 1/2 a mile from where the etrex was at 100 feet


I have already listed my gps 2000 on ebay for a starting bid of 9.99

and buy it now for 24.99 ( bought it for 5.00 but i printed the whole manual and put it in a 3 ring binder and burned an extra copy on CD.) and the thing sold within a couple of hours.


I have also purchased a gps 76 ...hoping that this one works as good if it does i will be selling the yellow etrex on e-bay for a buy it now for 65.00 ...


thanks :P

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