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Just wondering, is there a particular cache that drove you insane? Did you have to go SEVERAL times to find it? Did you ever find it at all? I am not talking about ones that go missing, I mean ones that others find but for some reason, you just can't find the darn thing!


There is one in my area that I have looked for two times (including today). I have NOT found it and it is driving me crazy! But I am not giving up...I WILL go back and get it. I think the problem is that someone found it a while back and didn't put it back in the right spot. It is still there but the coordinates are off. Normally, I don't have a problem with coordinates that are a little off but this one is really bugging me! It just bothers me that someone found it yesterday and I walked around forever and I didn't see it! Maybe I didn't see it today because it was getting dark and I didn't bring a flashlight with me...I wasn't expecting to be out at sunset and it is an urban cache close to parking so I didn't bring my huge backpack.


So which cache drove you insane?




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I think there's one that I had to try 4 times for, a couple others that I had to try 3 times for. and several that I had to try twice for. I keep track of my "found/did-not-finds" on my profile page.


The fact is, here in Illinois there's little reason to NOT go back and try again. The terrain is relatively easy and if there are seasonal difficulties you can always wait and go back later. The only one I'll probably never be able to vindicate myself on is "Place Tup Top" on Camelback in Arizona. Not much chance of me getting back there anytime soon....and I'm not sure I really want to try again anyway. :D



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I'll go to a cache twice before "giving up". I'll put it in my watch list or email the owner to make sure it's still there. If it definitely is (ie new finds since I tried or owner says it's good) then I'll go back. But I don't give up. I don't think I've had to go back more than 2-3 times and it was rare. I tend to find them on the 2nd try. <_<

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I had 6 DNF's on the ill named, The Fast Cache over a year. Never did find it, as the owner archived it recently, saying it was too hard for the "average geocacher". I think it started out as a 1.5 star difficulty.


As far as concentrated DNF's, I had 3 DNF's in 3 days on the Steam Power cache. Another 1.5 star difficulty cache. I finally found it after a hint from the owner. After a bunch of other DNF's, he raised the difficulty and changed the hint.

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<_< It depends on how bad you want to find the cache on your own. There were a couple caches in the area that I had tried to find serveral times but I simply did not understand the stasher's logic. Had to call in help before I was able to find them. Afterwards, I asked myself, would I have ever fiqured the caches out? I guess in time anything is possible.
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The "Head Streight Four This One" cache drove me nuts yesterday. The cache is obvious, but locked. The combo to the lock is obvious from the title of the cache, but I kept thinking "straight four" and trying the wrong combination. So then I left and it became obvious about when I got home. At that point I was just frustrated at my temporary fit of stupidity. So now I have to go back.
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I have gone back three times to try and find this one Urban micro that others have found easily.


I can't figure out where it is and it bothers me. It is also an area where there are people and office and business windows close to you and all around so it's hard to retrieve it unobserved except on weekends and holidays. I am still relatively inexperienced, I guess... <_<


I have taken it as a personal challenge to find this thing, no matter how many trips it takes. I hope I find it before it gets archived! I have been stumped by others and have asked for clues, though.

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At least three different caches have brought me back 3 or more times. I spent over 10 hours looking for one of them. Most recently, this one has stymied me. And ChurchCampDave has a cool one that already has my unfruitful investment of 90 min.


There are others, too. Basically, I guess I just won't allow myself to be stymied. I'll keep going back until I find it (if the creek don't rise). B)<_<

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<snip>this one has stymied me. </snip>

I looked for gimme shelter too. (the day I placed cool sycamore).


I didn't log a no-find because it is listed as temporarily disabled. I figure it might have been temporarily removed?


ANyway the note, saying the owner is away, doesn't make much sense to me. Why disable your caches because you're out of town?


I would ask if it is still there, but I assumed they don't want to be disturbed, judging from the note.


(I think it could be the missing bolt in the tie plate on the west side of the shelter- but then that could be a red herring)


Thanks for the reminder, I'm gonna get out my archaic language dictionary and see if I can decode the "plain english" clue.

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