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Second Anniversary Of The Weekly Chats


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Just in case anyone might care, tonight is the second anniversary of the weekly official geocaching chats. To all those who said we wouldn't last a month... oh... well, okay, then... to all those who would have said we wouldn't last a month had they been paying attention, here we go around again. :D


http://gcchat.clayjar.com/ is the shortest route there, but you can follow the link on the main forums page or even just connect to irc.slashnet.org and join #Geocache. The weekly official chats start at 8:30pm Central (US).

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Aaaah, yes...I remember it well.


I was brand new to all this and saw the announcement about the new chatroom, was all excited about getting started...made a mental note to show up that night and...well..forgot.


No worry..I'll get there next week...made another mental note and..well..forgot


Did the same again the next week. I REALLY gotta find out where I left that ginko biloba!


Finally made it the 4th week. Looking over the chat logs..there are a lot of familiar names and some you just don't see around anymore. Sniffff...kinda miss em.


<--- emptying out my camelbak on the curb in honor of all the missing cachers.



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