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Pepper Needs Help!


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This is a crosspost from the NorthWest Forum.

PhotoShop Challanged!


Ok y'all I have Photo Shop but the only thing I've really mastered with it is resizing my pictures.

I've got the go ahead from the husband to finally get my Geo Coins.

Now I need help with the design Front and Back.

I know for sure I want to use my Bell Peppers and my sig line I use in the fourms.



I'm thinking this image on one side with Team SuperGenius over the top and Pepper under it.

On the other side I was thinking something like a mountain with swithbacks with a Red circle with a line across it.

You know what I mean?



Please Help.

If I use somebody's design they will get a coin.



Thanks in advance



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is this to be a metal coin, clay, or wooden nickel ? It actually effects how much detail can be used.

These coins are going to metal.

I plan on using the same company Moun10Bike uses for his coins, and yes I really would like some input.

I can't move forward without a design.

I can get help with the artwork from the company that's making the coin I just figured I get more help from the community.





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Just wandering if you had gotten an accurate quote on pricing yet?


I've looked into that company before, but never asked for a quote...


Anyway, I think you're design is kind of cool, but I think you can get a discount if you use the geocaching logo on it, because they already have a die made for it...


But for more information email contact@Groundspeak.com

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do you plan on using color? (I assume so)

is it trackable? (expect all of them to be kept and never heard from again)

Yes I plan on using four colors.

I expect all of them to be kept that is there purpose.


They cannot be passed out or kept if I don't get a design front and back.


A little help here would be great!


I know somebody out there is much more creative than I.



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How about something like this for the front. I would think you would want to identify it as a geocoin. Not sure if you want to include parts of the geocaching logo. Sounds like the back may not have room for the "geocoin" designation.



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Navdog OMG you Rock!

Yes something like that is exactly what I'm looking for.

What progam did you use to make that in?


Navdog how about replacing the Official GeoCoin with Pepper.

How about another ring just inside of the wording?

On the back I'm not sure something like this.

Now I know this is really rough I did it in paint.

Not much talent in the art department.




Horizontals where it's at!on top of the coin and maybe www.geocaching.com on the bottom.



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One thing you need to do is find out how many colors are allowed for the coin and how it is to be stamped and how much relief is set in. Remember, the coin is much smaller than these images, so you want to be sure the detail will show on the final coin. I came up with this for the back before I saw your post:


Your sig line will take a good portion of the outside circle. I don't think it would fit on the bottom unless it was real small. Wasn't sure if you were going to number them either.



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