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Is There Any Cache Like This?


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We are planning of placing a new cache tomorrow, and the idea is to let the CACHERS to write the cache page. We will only give the correct coordinates on the cache page and the following information "You write the cache description! Try to find the cache. If you find it - write five* words in your log and they will be placed on the cache page."


*)Just an example, might be higher...


The idea is to let the cache be a challenge. For the first finders will there be nothing else than the coordinates to use. For each succesful log will there be more information on the cache page since they will write down what they want to add on the cache page.


Has this been done before? Has it been turned down before? :lol:

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It's similar but not really the same. On Criminals cache are there a few options to choose from, on our will there be nothing. The first finder will give us five words. The next finder will write the next five words, and so on..

It's difficult to write anything good in just five words, example:


The cache is a (4 words)

The cache is hidden (4 words)

You can park at (4 words)

It is hidden close (4 words)


So the first finder must use his/her brain and think about a good start of the cache page, so the next one can fill it in...

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