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Cigarette Lighter Cable


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On my Garmin EMap it is not required. Probably check the owners manual or check on-line. When I look at my second menu screen (press menu twice) it shows whether I am on battery power or operating from a cord. It is equipped to handle that very well. I leave it in the van for days with it on and have owned it for almost 4 years. No problems.


You might want to post this question in the GPS units and software forum.

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I don't know of any GPSr that would require the removal of batteries when the external power source cable is used. Most of today's technology recognizes the presence of the alternate power source and electronically switches between input circuits.

First, check your manual. If you need to remove batteries when applying external power it should list that information - perhaps in the first few pages under the heading of "Warning".

Next, if you're still worried :lol: about it, call the manufacturer's service desk.

Information gleened from these threads may be helplful, but if you're concerned about damaging your equipment and how it might affect your warranty you're better off relying on manufacturer's input.

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I use a Garmin GPS-V and I don't remove the batteries. At least on my GPS, there is a symbol that shows you've switched over from battery power to cable. The unit knows that the cable overrides the batteries.


I've also gone geocaching with others who use just about every receiver in the Garmin and Magellan product lines and have never seen this to be an issue.

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when useing a cigarette lighter cable to power the gps should you take the batteries out? :lol:

The only reason that would be necessary is if your GPS supported charging batteries and you had non-rechargeable batteries in the unit. But last I knew, no GPS units charged batteries, so you should be safe.

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