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Here you go.


As long as you rate the cache correctly (It’s a 5 terrain since you need special equipment) no one should be upset. Make mention in the cache description that Skies are necessary, if you like.


A question though. Can’t these trails be hiked in the winter? *EDIT* Nevermind. I just saw the word groomed.

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He stated these are groomed trails. Though the grooming process packs the surface some, it generally still allows a foot to sink in. That defeats the purpose of grooming it in the first place.


However...... here on the east coast, grooming usually creates a surface capable of supporting a tank, so its up to the keeper of the trails to allow hiking or not.

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At this point I am convinced that 1/10 cachers simply doesn't read the cache description or otherwise completely blows the plans of the cache planter. (And I suspect the same rough percentages goes with travel bug finders and cache owners as well.)


I've lost track of the number of the "bushwacked in. followed trail back" logs. Following closely on the heels are the "mystery/puzzle cache isn't at listed co-ordinates" tales (no, the text tells you where the cache is).


If you don't want the trails ruined, don't publish the cache for the world to see simply because there is a small percentage of the world who will screw up. Just like you don't attach anything you don't want lost to a travel bug and you know not everyone who will visit your cache will return it to the proper spot and trade up. The way it should be done and the way it will be done are two very different things.

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The comments about reading the description are right. I am one of the offenders. In my case, I'll load coordinates when I travel and won't always remember the cache description.


If you have problems with hikers, you could post the parking coordinates or those of the sign at the entrance. Then, print the final coordinates in the description. This way, unprepared cachers may not be able to find it the first time, but no one will ruin the trails.

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rate the cache correctly (It’s a 5 terrain since you need special equipment)

Skis aren't a special eqipment, anymore than snowshoes or gaiters are. It's just one of the ways to get around in the snow. And the gc.com do not say that a cache must be rated 5 for terrain merely because it EXCLUDES certain kinds of equipment.


As to making sure that people read the cache description, one just has to make it a puzzle or offset cahe, i.e. not at the listed coords.


:lol: just love the idea of a cache that discriminates agains snowshoers

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Skis aren't a special eqipment, anymore than snowshoes or gaiters are. <<SNIP>>

You're incorrect. To get to this cache you MUST have skis.


Anyone that doesn't have a pair will not be able to reach this cache. Therefore you NEED special equipment.


The Necessity of special equipment donates a 5 star terrain.



***** Requires specialized equipment and knowledge or experience, (boat, 4WD, rock climbing, SCUBA, etc) or is otherwise extremely difficult.


Not everyone owns a pair of skis or even knows how to use them.

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