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Sportrak Map Stress Cracks.

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thats stupid about those 330's. why would they do that with the lanyard..."
The 300, 310, 320, 330, 315, Pioneer, and, uuuh, the other one were all this way. The 330, while the forebearer of the Meridian and SporTrak, was the end of this case design.


So far, I have yet to see a lanyard scheme for any GPS that impresses me. After chasing that grail, I decided they should be in protective cases anyway,


I do apologize.  I'm glad, for your sake, that you were right.
No problem. Being right a lot is what earns me the big bucks and first pick at the groupies.


Hey, maybe at the next event cache, I should try to get someone to organize "Magellan GPS Trivial Pursuit" :P

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Seriously. I wouldn't do too well. I love the SporTrak case by Magellan. It's really well made. I have that Meridian case from the gps store, and while it works fine, I wish magellan would make a nice one for it, like the spotrak one.


What gps's do you have and use most anyways?

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AT LAST, AT LAST!!! I got my Sportrak Map back on Friday - that's only a week and four days total it was gone! My Sportrak is better than new - it has a brand new case and it's all so shiny and perfect. It didn't cost me a dime and the best thing of all, they included a new car windshield mount and a brand new set of manuals for it! Wow - someone else said they do that, but I figured I would wait and see if it was really true. Yep, it's true! I looked at my loaded maps - I now have the latest firmware too - so that was nice. Odd though, my Streets and Destinations information was still in it, but not my waypoints and the like. Good thing I saved them all before I sent it in. Anyways, I sent Thales a thank you note for their speedy and attentive service and also thanked them for the car mount.

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Man, am I late to the party or what...?


I just read this whole series of posts about the cracks in the SporTrack series. I've got a SporTrack Pro, and I've dropped this thing more times than I'd like to admit. I got a padded case for it and it seems to have been worth the money. So far, no cracks, and it's almost a year old. However, my wife has the SporTrack Map and it DOES have two little 'almost' cracks coming up the side from the middle screws. Actually, I guess you'd call them 'bulges' where a crack COULD develope. Doesn't hurt the performance though, and since we're not water-cachers I guess we're just going to ignore it.


Funny that Magellan acts as if they've never heard of this, after all you folks contacted them about it.


Sounds like a case of tightening the screws too much in order to "make them float".

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A knock at my door at 10am. Who the hell is that? Hey it's FedEx! And they're a day early!


My SporTrak Map is completely shiny and very new looking. I don't think it was my old one. They send it with brand new batteries, 2 new user manuals (which I really dont need) and the suction cup car mount thing. (sweet!)


Everything looks fine. Now, I'm just gonna wait for the new cracks to develop!

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I do not have an extended warranty.  I only bought this unit in november of 03, so it wouldnt matter anyway.

I think Roswell.fr was asking if your warranty now is one year from Feb. 2004, or does it only have what is remaining on the warranty from original date of purchase.


My GUESS is it has what ever is remaining from original date of purchase, but a new warranty period would be nice. Especially for those people who are near then end of theirs, get it fixed, then it happens again.

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Whats the lemon law? It seems like all sportraks are lemons in the crack regard.

In Texas, anyway, there is a vehicle lemon law that protects consumers from “nonfixable" (I think I just created a new word) mechanical problems. I do not remember all the details but it works something like this.


After taking your vehicle for service, on the same item, for X number of times. The manufacturer is obligated to purchase the vehicle back at the same price you paid, or market value. Which ever is highest.


That is the jest of it. The specifics are probably way off, but the concept is correct. I am sure there is someone out there that will feel the uncontrollable need to correct me :lol:

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I got my Sportrak Map in December for Christmas from BestBuy.


My dad and I got the extended warranty from BestBuy, I think we got a 1 year plan.


Anyway, I don't think I have the original packaging (not quite sure)


What are my options, can I send it back to Magellan and get a new one?


It hasn't developed the cracks yet, but I'm almost sure it will...


Also, will backing the screws off help much?


Edited a small confusion in models...

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i sent magellan a email and i asked them if i could trade my sportrac pro in for a brand new sportrac pro color and pay the difference. i bought mine in december and hardly used. they said i couldnt do that because my unit is more then 30 days old. they said i could trade it in on a refurbished one. dont know if i like that idea. or i could fix mine under warranty. i bought mine at walmart cause i had a gift card. i might try to take it back their. i think i saw 90 days on electronics return. but they dont carry the sport trac color model. i have heard the color model is made different so maybe it wouldnt crack. i wish i would of found this forum sooner. best buy might not be as easy to take things back.

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I got my Sportrak Pro in December for Christmas from BestBuy.

My dad and I got the extended warranty from BestBuy, I think we got a 1 year plan.

Anyway, I don't think I have the original packaging (not quite sure)

What are my options, can I send it back to Magellan and get a new one?

It hasn't developed the cracks yet, but I'm almost sure it will...

Also, will backing the screws off help much?


All Magellan stuff comes with a one year factory warranty, so they will fix it for free. As far as getting a new one, I doubt that. They replace the outer shells of the sportrak, so it doesnt really matter if its new or not. You might be lucky with best buy, if you have a 1 year plan thru them. Unless, they take it back, and tell you they have to send it to the manufacturer. Then, it wont be any different from not having bought the plan.


As far as Magellan "fixing" something that isnt "broke" yet, I don't really see why they would do that. If there is nothing for them to fix, how could they fix it?


I'm not sure if anyone knows for sure if backing the screws off really helps or not.

I just got my sportrak back from Magellan, and the first thing I did was back off the screws. I guess we'll see.

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Recently picked up a refurb Sportrak Pro from HeartlandAmerica.com for $135.00.

When I saw this thread here I inspected the unit and found no cracks like were in the picture posted here. I loosened the screws a bit though just to make sure.


I guess this refurb unit is most likely one of the ones sent back for the cracking problem!


BTW....I LOVE this thing! Even under dense foilage it always remaings locked on to at least 4 sattalites :P

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I requested an RA# Thursday evening (19th) and received a response this evening (23rd) Not too bad considering that it was over a weekend. I did this online, and mentioned this thread, and that it was said here that it is a known issue. They issued the RA# no questons asked. I will be sending my unit in for repairs tomorrow. I will update this thread when I get it back.


Thanks for getting this info out. I usually have my unit in the case, and probably would not have noticed the cracks if I had not seen this thread.

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My Sportrak Pro shows cracks by 5 of the six lugs..... but I am in the UK :) Any ideas as to whether I should try Magellan or the original vendor?

try magellan first - they responded at the weekend via email with details of who to contact for a different warrenty problem. Note that you won't get freebies in the uk though :-(

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I just received my Sportrak Topo back from Thales today . . . I had sent it in because of a software problem, but I also told them that I was concerned about the slight bulges and discoloration around the location of the screws.


They fixed the software problem, but they didn't replace the case. Oh well, . . . I guess the free windshield mount they sent along with it makes up for it, though :unsure: .



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I just submitted a request for repair.


“Cracks forming along the screws of my GPS case. Very disappointing considering I just got it.


For more information please visit these links…








Hopefully I’ll hear from them soon…

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Just received an automated response and a message stating my request would be forward to a support group.


Message #1


Thank you for contacting Thales Navigation's Customer Service Department.

We strive to answer your e-mail within 24 hours during normal business days.

Occasionally, due to the content and volume of e-mails received, there may be

delays of up to 72 hours at times.

For more immediate assistance please call 800-707-7845 and select the product

category for which you need repair support. If you have an older unit and your

category isn't listed, select option #2. This will connect you with one of our

Customer Service Representatives. For our international customers, please call

909-394-5000 and select Option #1.

We look forward to serving you!

Thales Navigation Customer Service Department


Message #2


Thank you for filling out the RMA form. We will send your inquiry to the appropriate contact in the support group within Thales Navigation.


I'll keep you all posted every step of the way...

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I just contacted Magellan via telephone and received my RMA#. I’ll be mailing it out tomorrow. I was also told that Magellan would match the shipping method used. So If I send it UPS Ground, it will come back UPS ground etc. I plan on sending it Fed-Ex… I’d hate to be with out it for long. Considering I’m having to come out of pocket to mail it in, I hope I’ll receive some of the goodies everyone has been talking about. I bought into Magellan for the GPS (SporTrak Map), Mapsend Topo software and the small belt case. (No going back now) I’ll be sticking with Magellan…Hopefully everything will go smoothly . . .I’ll keep you all posted…

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Ok... I wasn't planning on sending my GPSr in to Magellan until after I completed 2 more cache hides, but since there is a mass repair campaign going on, I might as well for visibility sake go ahead and get it taken care of now rather than later. I just filled out the RMA form on Magellan's site... now I just have to wait and see what happens next.


I sent my original sales receipt in for the rebate. I thought that I kept a photocopy of the receipt for warranty purposes, but I haven't found it yet. Hopefully Magellan will be understanding enough to go ahead and repair mine under warranty without it.

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Sent mine out today for fix...see how long it takes. Just as an aside, if you have had trouble getting your rebate, there is a PLUS side for Magellan using whereismyrebate.com


When I did not have my sales slip to verify purchase date...I sent it in with rebate...Magellan used the data from them to verify purchase date...nice benefit!

Got it back yesterday with the windshield mount!

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I've read through the thread and seen lots of references to Magellan

SporTrak Map and SporTrak Pro units, don't recall seeing anyone

say they found cracks in their SporTrak Color?

What's the target case mfg code we think the problem

has been fixed after (if it really has)?

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SporTrak Color is in a better case, than the cheaper ones.


The ones cheaper than the Color, have a bad case design with exposed screws that you can see too well. The sportrack color also seems to be better built than the Garmin 60C

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I have just been contemplating for a couple hours now and I have come up with the final answer to everyones Magellan problems.


Buy from a real Customer satisfaction company, GARMIN


Yeah, that seems to be the common answer from you and all the other "witty" Garmin owners.

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The sportrack color also seems to be better built than the Garmin 60C


Just curious, in what ways?

Have not heard any problems with the SporTrak Color yet


The 60C does have a couple problems with a lack of a rugged case, and a USB port that can break. I do like my 60C so far though, no probs yet.

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Just looked at mine. Bought it Oct 2003 and looked today after finding this thread and both center screws have the cracks. I would have never noticed since I keep it in a cover all time. Thanks for the heads up. Off to go fill out the RMA form online.

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I sent my Sportrak map in for the repairs about a month ago. I had three cracks. I got the unit back in just over two weeks. I just noticed today a small crack again on one of the middle screws. Also, since getting the unit back I have trouble staying in 3D mode. I have a Meridian as well so I check one against the other. The Sportrak doesnt seem to be as accurate as it was before I sent it to be repaired. It is always averaging because it is popping back and forth from 2D to 3D. Everywhere the Sportrak as trouble the Meridian is just fine. Now I have to call and see what I can do about it, or better yet, what they will do for me.

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What I would do with the SporTrak, is to put clear packaging Tape over the screw holes, so as not to impede with the power/data cable, or the GPS cradle. This should make it more water proof than it is. This you can do as soon as you get it back from Magellan in a new case also.

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We sent our ST Map to Magellan, and got it back in just under a week. They replaced the case, and it looks great now (There were a couple minor scratches on the display screen). They returned the unit, along with a new manual, fresh batteries, and a dash mount. (Anybody need a dash mount --- I have had one since the summer)

The unit has been working fine since I received it back.

I am not trying to fan the fire about Garmin vs Magellan, but I will add my 2cents worth.


The Sportrak Map is a great unit, easy to use, and seems to hold locks on the sats better than the Etrex Venture we had and lost in Canade. Our Garmin GPS 12 that we bought in Canada to replace the Venture, was also easy to use, but I missed the WAAS accuracy. I purchased a Garmin GPS V while the ST was out for repairs (yes I know I am an adidict) and am now using it . The GPS V is becoming my favorite, but the jury is still out.

The main issue I had with the ST Map was the lag as you got close to your destination. I would usually overshoot the cache, and end up coming back to the correct spot. (Meanwhile Mary would have often found the cache). The GPS V does not have that problem.

The GPS V is a bit more complicated, but since I admit to being a geek that is not much of an issue for me. I miss the Description coming in from queeries, but I think that the longer waypoint names, and the way the new GSAK can combine waypoint code with description will solve that problem for me.


So all in all Magellan and Garmin both have fine units, but no one unit is perfect. I guess that is why we now have 3 for a team of 2 :rolleyes:


Thanks for clueing me in to th cracks before it got to be too late


Thanks for the Adventures

Gary of Gary and Mary

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FYI, I filled the form on the Magellan site, they sent me an email back telling me to send my GPS and a proof of purchase to Bills Electronic (Ontario) because I live in Canada. I didn't need a RMA. They told me that the problem was the case and that it was now fixed. I sent my unit on monday evening and received a new one this morning, i.e. in 3.5 days! My new unit was build during week 37 of 2003, I hope it will last longer than the previous one, especially since the warranty is almost over.

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