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Has Anyone Else Received This?


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It is the intent of Groundspeak...>snip<

I never realized GPSSaxaphone was an official spokesperson for Groundspeak and could portend intentions. That's funny.

Why not quote the entire sentence? I said "It is the intent of Groundspeak to not allow data mining."


I don't see my statement as such a surprise, it's been said before, even in this post.

And this statement (much as others pertaining to GC.com and Groundspeak by Saxy) is more on target than a lot of other statements pertaining to the site that others have made, even in this thread. I think if ya sit back and listen to Saxman, you'll find that he's got a pretty good command of the guidelines and intended uses of the site.

"It is the intent of Groundspeak to not allow data mining."

This statement is correct. The intent of Geocaching.com is to create the tools so people can go geocaching. It is a bit of a no-brainer.

Thanks for backing me up Jeremy and Sparky.

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GrizzlyJohn, get over it. If you believe you're doing nothing wrong then quit acting like a martyr.

Jeremy from time to time could you please read through the posts before posting yourself.


I said I did not feel like I was being raked over the coals.


I have defended your and the posters to this site right to hold copyrights, here and in the past.


I simply put the question out there if any one else had received this type of email. The responses I got did not allow me to come to any sort of conclusion. And I said that.


I thank you for your explanation of what triggered this for you. And do see where you are coming from.


I did not quote my response to you verbatim but I think I have made reference to an accurate description of it. For the record my response was, “My plans are to use the material received from Geocaching.com within the scope of the mentioned license agreement.” I also believe that I accurately described your email to me.


The big brother remark was meant to be light hearted. I was not really surprised that GC.com has the ability to do this (look back through all the PQs created) but I did not know that you actually do. If nothing else perhaps somebody found that information useful. But hey if you can’t take a joke too bad, and I think that others would see that as somewhat Big Brother and really mean it.


I never accused you of being a monopoly, but I think I would not have a hard time making that argument if I wanted.


I never said you singled me out. And again said that I was not able to come to a conclusion one way or the other. I don’t think I ever implied, nor did anyone else, that I was being singled out. I asked if anyone else received this type of an email. Even if nobody else had that does not imply that I was singled out. At least as far as I would use the term singled out. I do think it was possible that my PQs may have been held up after you sent your email. I am not saying they were but I don’t think it is so far fetched to think that is a possibility.


I think it was a good debate as well and I appreciate, even if I don’t agree, with all of the input.


So Jeremy, you get over it. You are running a business here. If you can’t take the criticisms then remove yourself from the discussions. Do you think you are the only person the runs a business that has to hear from people that don’t like how they run their business? I don’t know where you get this martyr thing from I don’t see anywhere that I have made myself out to be one. Why don’t you quit acting like a martyr?

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Total of 45 finds

Website developer

Entire GC.Com database of caches dowmloaded via PQ's

Hey! Since when is "Website Developer" evidence against a person's character?


Ok, I admit it - it's awfully suspicious, however I am a data packrat too. I would love to import all the caches in MapSource just to see the density. I might even map-pin a paper map with reds for the ones I've not done and greens for the ones I have.


Of course, I'd probably never even finish NY, much less the whole globe. I'm too busy developing websites! :lol:

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So I am satisfied and continue working on the pocket query page.

Can you add this:


I would like to be able to define a route by a starting point, an ending point and some points between this two points representing the route I have to drive and download all the caches x miles left and right from this route.

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Why not use GSAK? You can download all your PQs into it, you can set your "home" coordinates and sort all your PQs after those coordinates. If you are going to go northeast from your home, you can filter to see all caches NE of your home, between 15 miles and 30 miles away for example. Or all caches NE of your home within 300 miles or so...


A lot of options, and a very good program. Made in Australia by Clyde.


Can also export to GPS, MapSource and other mapping software.. Check it out!

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