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Delorme Topo 4.0

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I Have been using TopoUSA 4 for quite some time now. The're not as acurate as USGS TOPO but will give you good enough maps for geocaching. When used with SA2004HH and a GPS it provides a good reference for where you. Downfall is that on the palm resolutions at 1.3mi and above will not provide city street level displays.


On the up side , using it in my car for figuring out the best approach to a cache has saved me much time. I still rely on my Mag315 to find the cache is it is much more rugged and much cheaper to replace.


Team Sand Dollar

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Thanks, TSD


On a related issue, how fast are the calculate and find functions in SA2004HH? I am currently using a 2002 version of DeLorme XMAP, and the searches are preposterously s....l....o....w (for example, taking 5+ minutes to calculate a road route or find an address when running on my M515 B)). Have these problems been solved with SA2004HH?

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One way for entering waypoints (at least in my 2002 version) is using the find function by entering gps coordinates in degdec format. Hit goto and then add a waypoint at the center of the screen. Beware, however, because I've noticed a loss of accuracy of about 1/1000 of a degree (about 8 meters :unsure: ).


Does topo 4.0 allow you to accurately enter waypoints by entering GPS coordinates on the handheld?

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Topo USA 4.0 only provides topo maps to the SA2004HH engine. Your still using SA2004 but the Topo Map work better.


I also use Topo USA 4.0 for waypoint entry. I just download the waypoints I get from a Query to the mapfile I working on, add aditional waypoints to the mapfile, and then use exchange to move the draw points (way points) to the Palm.


Team Sand Dollar

Palm 515, Magellan GPS Companion 500, Delorme SA2004HH and Topo USA 4.0

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I just got TOPO 4.0 and I'm trying to figure out how to import caches. (.loc or .gpx)


I can send them thrm through my GPS, but then I lose the descriptions.


I tried GPSbable, but I can't seem to find a format that works.


Convert a gpx with babel into a straight CSV file open it with notepad and save it as a text file. Import it into Topo through the draw tab, file button, then import button.

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I successfully used Babel to convert .loc files into DeLorme .wpt files (one step), which nicely imported into Topo 4.0 as draw objects (pin symbols) with labels. Unfortunately, I'm still having problems uploading waypoints from Topo 4.0 to my Palm running SA2004HH.


This is what I am trying without success: I add draw objects with a text description. I then save the project. I then go into the "handheld export" tab and selected the "exchange" button. In the resulting dialog box I select my device type as "Palm OS", select the "send to device" radio button with the object type as "Draw Points", and then select the "Next" button. In the next dialog box I select the name of the saved draw file and select the "prepare to sync" button. I then get the following error: "One or more of the draw layer objects were not successfully sent to the device."


As you can image, I am very frustrated :mad: . Can anyone help?

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