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The New Moun10Bike Geocoin - A Sneak Peek


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I received an image of the prototype for my new geocoin design tonight from my supplier:




The final coins may differ somewhat from what you see here (including metal color), but it should be close. There will be a special feature to the new coins (not seen in this image) that I hope will make them even more fun to obtain. I'll reveal that feature in a couple weeks when I get the final coins.

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Moun10bike, I want to grab the first one released, so give me advanced notice of the following: Which cache it will be placed in, what date, and the exact time. I'll be waiting at the cache site when you arrive. :lol:


But with my luck, you'll put it in a cache down in a deep crevace on top of Mt. Rainier. :P

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M10B they are just beautiful!


I too have now set a new goal for myself since I can no longer get any FTF because of that TIAG GIRL I can now focus on a M10B COIN! :D



TIAG has been beating me too! I'll scale a mountain for one of those coins! Off trail even!!

Well crap, if EGH is going after them we're all doomed. :lol:


The next time we go hiking, I'm going to have to do a Tonya Harding on your knees to make it fair.... :P

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I'll scale a mountain for one of those coins

I did climb a mountain for one of the originals! Of course, I left an Oregon Geocoin that was claimed by EGH himself.


I'd do it again for an M10B II.


Those are very nice Jon.


Folks, don't forget when you take one of these coins that a used golf ball or a McToy is not an even trade :lol::P

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George, you'll just have to be willing to climb a mountain (or wherever I've hidden one)! :) (Actually, I think putting up with me in your car during the entire Victoria Cache Machine probably entitles you to one! :))

Putting up with you, it was more like keeping up with you. LOLbigdance2.gif

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