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A Little Smurfy Around Here!!


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psssst.... let's quit posting pictures unrelated to smurfs, mmmm kay?


kudos to Sparky and his critics for the self-moderation. That's the way the forums should work.


There are now two smurf-dominated threads still open... this one and the original one started by carleenp. We should let at least one of them, maybe both, die and slip down the topic list. Thanks.


P.S. I'll change my avatar back soon. I kinda like it!

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I think smurfs are smurfy! When I was young I wanted to be smurfette when I grew up. Who wouldn't want to be the only chick in a village full of men?




Whoah! That would make me sound like a 'ho!


Wait a cotton pickin' minute! I'm a Geo-ho . . . (sigh)


A dream come true! :lol:


Happy caching and stuff! :P

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Sure, pick on the pantless smurf. Just cause I'm an unemployed smurf, living in a shoe box (with really great high speed wireless internet, how you like them 3 apples high Sparky?) my next meal nothing but a waypoint on the horizon and my batteries are low. You think I don't want pants? You think its fun to beat up a pantless smurf? My only hope for sanctuary is in the accepting arms of my Geo brethren. Why don't you like me? BooHoo! :unsure:


Edited to be more pathetic.

Edited by Johnnie Stalkers
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[quotePosted on Jan 21 2004, 07:46 AM

QUOTE (sea_dragon @ Jan 21 2004, 01:41 AM)

Ok, this was .... um, .... weird. My real name came back as Smurf Smurf Smurf

My user names came back as Phlegmy Smurf. Hmmm...


Must be all those salt-water loogies

This may be, and all divers out there would totaly agree! :D What I really don't get, is the name "Smurf Smurf Smurf". What sort of drunken logic is that? Why couldn't it have been one of the cool names..... :huh::D

Edited by sea_dragon
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