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International Travel Bug Question.


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I live in the USA and coresspond via mail with a friend who lives in another country. Through this correspondence I have turned her on to Geocaching.


If she finds a TB in her country is it permisible for her to send it via mail to me in the US for placement in a cache in this country (Assuming the owner it had no other goals for it)?


This would give a forgien travel bug a boost across the Pacific that it might not have gotten otherwise but I question the part about it changing hands without being placed in a cache.


I'll look forward to everyone's kind opinions on this so as to avoid an "international incident."

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Ask the owner. A travel bug is sometimes mailed at the beginning of its journey so that it can start from a specific location. A bug may also be mailed back to the owner (at owner's request) after its mission has been completed. It is generally considered "bad form" to mail a travel bug at other times, and you should never do so without the owner's permission.


Mailing really isn't necessary. Travel Bugs can (and do) hitch rides internationally with geocachers quite easily.

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I had a bad feeling about it, too, which is why I raised the question. There would be nothing special about a TB's journey if it were simply riding around in the postal system.


In thier enthusiasm for thier new sport I think my friend wanted to help a TB along in a big way.


It's unlikely that she will travel to this continent anytime soon. If it is meant to be I guess the TB will to find it's way across the ocean another way. Such is the life of a TB!


Thanks for your reply.

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Well, here's one way we can do it. I live in the States but am traveling abroad right now. I'm in Belgium today, and picked up two travel bugs from a cache yesterday and will bring them home on Feb 1st.


We go to Rome next week, but will be in London for three days after that starting on Jan 28th. If your friend can get her TB into a cache near London, I'll make EVERY effort to find the cache during the 3 days we're there...just lemme know which one and we'll take it from there. Then, I'll bring it home and place it in a cache near Minneapolis, MN. How's that for a deal? Let me know what you think, whatever we can do to help, we will! Regards,



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Ken- Thankyou for your kind offer! That it was a good deal is true and the willingness to jump in and help is testimony to the friendship and connection that we all share through this sport.


Unfortunately she would have been as far away from the UK as the US even if I had read this post in time. She lives in Japan.


But thanks again for giving the moving of the TB some thought!


Cheers -

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