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Thannks for bring this back... oops... Hi I'm 4x4luv and I'm a Geo-holic. its been two week sence I've been to this tread. Sorry About it but I cant donate put any money in the basket this week I had to buy Battereries. glad to be back. even though This place realy dosent work. But at least I not sitting watching soap operas.

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HI...My name is Geogeek65. I have 755 finds and I am a cache -a-holic.


I sit at work in the evening and browse the GC.com site looking new cache listings close to home.


I read and post in the forums regularly.


I plan a cache route for the morning cache run before work (start at 2:30 p.m.). I've been geocaching 7 days straight before today.


I even planed all my vacations as geocaching trips last year.


Do I need help?


No way! I thinks I'm perfectly normal (denial here).


Looking to snag at least 5 before work tomoorw!! (HEHE) :o

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Missed last weeks meeting and now it is OFFICIAL.


I am a Cach-a-holic,

I got the T-shirt at the


I only went for the A event and thought it was just a timed event for the fun of it wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it wasn't I caught the cacher ahead of me and the one behind me also caught up so we just started getting the other caches along the way as well as a benchmark....and the STAFF come upon us a said

What are you Doing.......??????You are being timed for the event Sooooooooooo quit looking for caches????


We hauled A** and got to the finish line in record time...

we placed 2nd,3rd,and 4th that day and dubbed ourself the A Team.


The next days was the second leg......................It was a very challenging day.

My start time was 6 minutes after 9:00Am,There was a terrible accident at the highway so I was delayed till 9:04,got there and the starting point was approximately one mile from parking .................OH nO...well

I thought ahead and had my personally designed 18 speed Timberwolf Bike,I jumped on it and hauled A** again.Got there at 9:22 and explained and my time was adjusted...........the rest were gone way....................gone I just kick in and huffin and puffin from that bike ride,mind you I have not rode it in several years,and I am not in tip-top Shape.

But I catch the last to leave cacher and we team up and catch the other 2 .....


Again we find all the other contestants at 1 point and we decide to TEAM up and become the A TEAM and finish together in record time and place 1,2,3,4.


I just can not seem to give up this addiction even after three days I am still hurting and trying to recover,but it was worth it.


I still have not hit rock bottom yet so I will stick with it 1 day at a time from here on...


Till next week


Happy....................................................Geotrails :)

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It's good to see I'm not the only one thinking this way. :lol:

I spoke at an event two Saturday's ago to get some interest in statewide CITO/Earth Day events.

I opened my remarks with

"Hello, My name is Wimseyguy and I'm a geocacher. Before today it had been three days since my last geocache." :) No one got it!?! :)

About ten words into the meat of my talk I heard -'ooh like AA now I get it' from the side. DOH!


So, see you all tonight? Nah I'll be out hunting wabbits. :lol:

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Hello, my name is GPSKitty. At least that is the name I will use here. I would just die if any of my friends/family knew that it has come to this so I can't use my real name.


It started out so innocently. you see. I was told it was harmless. "Just try it once. If you don't like it, you never have to do it again. No one will ever know."

Well, that was over a month ago and now I've been reduced to attending Geo-holics meetings. How quickly a life can spiral out of control. I didn't even see it coming.


I haven't done it much. Really, I haven't. And yet it is always there in the back of my mind, a nagging thought that won't go away.

I am recovering from foot surgery at the moment, so now all I can do is browse the cache pages, planning my next cache outing. I live vicariously through the stories of other cachers' adventures. I am clearly in the middle of withdrawls...night sweats, tremors, extreme thirst, inability to concentrate. Bothered by bright lights and loud noises. Someone make it STOP!!!

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hi...uh...my name is uperdooper and i am a forum junkie. the first thing in the morning i have to have my forum fix or i can't even make lunch. i browse the forums while i am eating lunch. on the days i work i have no internet access, so as soon as i get home i am back in the forums. my husband is getting upset but i can't help it. i have gotten up at 3:00 in the morning just for a fix. i live for the days he goes up north so i can spend all my time in the forums. i think i need help.

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I agree.


It is the best thing there is to be addicted to.


A cleaner Planet one cache at a time.


So you might as well face it your addicted to caching.

And I don't want a cure,

and that I know for sure.


1,12 or 10,000 steps and I am out the door,

It,s so much better than wakin up on the floor.


No thank you please all that other make me sneeze,

and I can not find my way to the door.

dadadadada .... .... ...


So why don't you take me please,

out caching a breeze.

From coast to coast lets go caching and hint,

and from there to here and,another CITO event.


okay..........you finish it

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In my world it's still Wednesday night... I traveled to Charleston , Illinois last weekend for my daughter's Dance/Pom State competition. She was due to perform twice. The first performance was at 9:40 am. I had 3.5 hrs until her next so I fugured I could run out and snag a few caches. I got outside and it was a downpour. It just ruined my whole demeanor. Normally I wouldn't mind getting wet but the circumstances dictated I be clean and dry. I sat and sulked for the next few hours. After her next perfomance, the gods of geocaching took pity on me and the sun came shining thru the gym window!! I had 2.2 hours free. Out I went with my son and cached hard for the time we had. JOY oh JOY!! I managed to talk the wife and girls into grabbing a few on the way out of town! I was a happy man again.


I look forward to traveling with the kids teams, it allows me to visit new area to geocache!! :D

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My name is Shilo and I don't have a problem...errrh ok Im a geoholic :lol:

Well my wife told me Saturday I was addicted after we borrowed a canoe to find 2 caches. Then on Sunday we had found 4 caches in about 90 minutes and it was getting dark. The next cache was only 2.1 miles away and she said floor it honey, we have a flashlight!!! Now I see who the geoholic is!!!! :lol:


PS: Long time lurker, first time poster

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My addiction is complete.. I was disapointed when I didnt have to drive 3 hrs away to pick up my mom who had broken down. I was hoping to pick up a "few" caches on the way home.


Now that I have a new cach-mobile.. umm I mean car, I fear I'll be off the forums and in the woods more than ever. What can stop this addiction.. neither sleet, nor hair, nor tick, nor shortness of breath thats for freaking sure.

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Late as usual but I made it......................


I was trying to get over it by myself but I just can not do it,

I need my cache-aholic buddies.


Good evening,morning to some.....My latest test has been rather hard in the benchmarking aspect of the game.


One of the Historic Marks I recovered last year about this time was destroyed the other day...................I am perplexed and saddened, it had been lost for 70 years and I found it, and now it is gone again.*$^%$@*^%%$*^$


Ok I got it off my chest now and maybe I can make it to next weeks meeting on time.

Until then



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There are worse addictions.

Cacher's spouses should be glad that it's not alcohol, gambling.

Instead, it's good, clean fun.



My wife actually said all that the other day. She just wishes that just maybe, sometimes, yardwork and household responsibilities came before the 7AM Sunday cache dash. :lol:

I told her if she wanted a responsible husband then why did she marry a man? :lol::lol:

SO we comprimised-we did yardwork together until 11, ate breakfast and then I made a run for it. :lol:

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Wow wimseyguy - you're good - at least you got some yard work in.


My additiction had me out Sunday searching for one between dropping the kids off at Sunday school and then picking them up. After that they joined me for an afternoon of hunting.


Never did get to the yard work (but we did find all we sought out) - figured there's always next weekend (but I'm already getting the shakes not using the GPS for the past two days)...



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Hi everyone it B) sssssssss Wensday Night.


I went and done it now....I got so many the server went down this weekend,talk about addicted.......Oh well at least I can admit my addiction and am on the second step.


There is nothing I can Do I am powerless - B) Powerful over my addiction.


so I guess till next week B)

I will be at it again B)

The best thing thats happened :mad:

Since time began.


Next week

Same time

Same Channel



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My name is GPSKitty and I have a confession to make.

I have been stuck at home for nearly a month, recovering from foot surgery. A MONTH I tell ya! Surely enough time to get this obsession/ RASH out of my system. Yes... it certainly feels like a rash, a permanent itch.

But did I use that time wisely, such as pursuing other interests and working at breaking this vicious cycle? No, sadly, I did not. <hangs head in shame>

I obsessed, coveted other's caches and re-freshed the forums endlessly in my never ending spare time.

And then, just this past Saturday.....well, I think you might suspect what happened. But I HAD to! It was a previous DNF and it was haunting me, calling to me...nay, SHOUTING to me!

So as soon as I was able, I hobbled and limped to the cache, dragging my bad foot behind me, uphill, in both directions. And I got them, both the cache and my fix. I'm not proud of it. Well, maybe a little. H-E-double hockey sticks, I'm dadgum proud! I found that sucker. Another smiley face :rolleyes: on my list.

And then a few days later, <lowering voice to a whisper> I did it again.

So, I admit I fell off the wagon and it feels SO bleeping good.

Yes, my name is GPSKitty and I am powerless over my addiction.


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A day late and a cache short!


Well ain't that life..................

At least I still have the mind to keep it within the week,got so busy geocaching I almost forgot about this part of it,so here it is.


Maybe in the future our newbies will look at this and see,


Logs of a raging geocachholicmaniac.




so the last weeks same time ,at least the same place.........now applies


Oh I forgot to tell you we all make up the rules in here as we go.


Its easier that way!


Remember the Golden Rule...........................


He who has the gold

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Good Evening and yes I was the ftf you caught me.............


I have been sooooooooooooooooooadddddicted(BUSY GEOCACHING) that I have not kept up the meetings for ummm can not remember how long now.


But I have a moment to get it back in for this Wensday.


I had several Great Events.

Lewis and Clark 200th Anniversary Geocaching.

The Events have been awesome.



I recomend you see a Lewis ans Clark Signature Event if it comes your way,and better put on a geocaching event to coincide.



See Lewis and Clark link

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Our names are Jared and Tanis, and we are Geocaching addicts. It's so bad now that we are driving this Memorial Day weekend down to a family reunion in Texas (we're in Colorado), and plotted out 45 caches to hit on the way there and back - coming back a different, longer way to get more caches. So, do we get assigned buddies to help us through the tough times?

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Well...................................we just went through a Tornado watch,warning..and from where I sit it is clear now.

I am on the CERT Team so I have to keep aware of the situation and be prepared to first(You and Community come first)then if you are needed you go out into the community and make assesment of the situation.

If all is clear I,you can then come and spell out something in this

stooooopieied froum.

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Wensday's Bell and all is well.

I thought I'd strike a late night snack.

and then I had this Geoattack.

Could not sleep awide awake,

I thought I just eat more cake.

Preparing up for another day,

to got and get another cache.

You know your addicted when you make little rymes,

Cause you can't go out caching at this time.



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Wensday's Bell and all is well.

I thought I'd strike a late night snack.

and then I had this Geoattack.

Could not sleep awide awake,

I thought I just eat more cake.

Preparing up for another day,

to got and get another cache.

You know your addicted when you make little rymes,

Cause you can't go out caching at this time.



That has to be the most God-awful poem I have ever read in my entire life!! I applaud the effort though. :D

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Lisssten to the small voices you hear in your innermossst.


Yessss the DNfss......They mock you


You were so closssse... sssso close


Go...find them...make the voices stop. Set yourself free


You can do it.



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I came here to get something off my chest. It has been weighing heavily upon me and I need to unburden myself.

I <deep sigh>....I have passed this addiction on to a friend. Knowingly, I might add. We have only been out twice and she is already more obsessed than I. It took her so quickly, I didn't have a chance to pull her back from the brink.

We had two DNF's today on a three cache trip. She was relentless, refusing to give up, unwilling to admit defeat. I fear she is a goner. And it's all my fault.


But at least I have a cache partner. :):D:D:D:D:D

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Oops! I missed the meeting, 9th grade geo-son's band concert!


Hi. I'm mihiker and I'm a geoholic.


I've been too tied up with work to cache for thirty days!

(Do I get a coin?)


Here I am at work, looking at a new cache listing, wondering if I should leave work to go bag it.


That's a clear sign of addiction, right?

I've left work three times in the past month or two in order to log a find on new caches.


My wife is now used to the sight of me bolting out the door with my caching bag, with no more than a "Bye, new cache-gotta run!"


Now, I've got three more days of Boy Scout related activities and I'm wondering if I can ditch any of them to go caching......


Where's my sponsor when I need one?

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