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I'd heard about Geocaching quite some time ago on a radio program and thought it would be fun to try. I used to love to hike and camp but have fallen out of the habit, unfortunately, and thought this might be a good excuse. Adds an element of mystery. :bad:


I didn't get a GPS for X-mas like I'd hoped so I just ordered the Garmin eTrex that was recommended by this website. And wow! This website has so much more than I was expecting. I didn't know this was such an organized hobby, and I hadn't even hoped to find as many caches within 20 miles of me as I have found listed!


Hoping to get out on the trail with my friends and the eTrex instruction manual this weekend. :blink: Wish me luck, I'm known to be miserable with electronics. :blink: The product description said 'easy to use' though and this site has so much to read in FAQs and tutorials I'm fairly optimistic. Thanks for the awesome site!

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You'll have a blast. When I started not too long ago, I couldnt believe how many caches were in my area. I'm up to 60 now, and i havent hardly gone 30 miles away from my home! And there are 300 hundred more at least within 50 miles! This hobby will definitely keep you busy for a while!

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Just a helpful hint. Please read the instruction manual before you hit the trail. Also play around with it in your yard some just to get some practice, it will be more fun when you do go caching to be able to focus on finding the cache instead of worrying about what buttons to push. :lol: Oh yeah welcome to the sport/addiction!!

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I also wish to extend my condolences on your recent addition.

I offer for your consideration some ideas you may find appealing.

play with your gps and learn how to use it, BEFORE you go out to the trails

dont touch the map datum or cord system untill you have had the gps for over 6 months and are used to seeing what its supposed to look like before you changed it. (dont laugh, it happened) check these fourms as well as the local fourms for cache events or get togethers, and take advantage of them, you can learn a LOT about geocacheing when you are cacheing with someone else who knows what they are doing. Like any sport you can get by with little or with a lot of extras. some just get the GPS and the subscription so they can take advantage of the Pq's, others go for the extras that make it so much fun, things like a backpack, a spare GPS, ammo boxes, plastic zip loc baggies, small notebooks, pencles and pens, trade items, Mc toys. then you have to get the flashlights, hip waders, hikeing boots, hikeing stick, snow shoes, ATV's, and SUV,

the offical decals, Hats, pins, t shirts, Travel Bug tags, and Geocoins.


The best thing about this sport is you can go as little or as loaded as you like.

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Greetings! Since receiving my Garmin eTrex in September for a birthday gift, we have found eighteen caches (I found six without any GPS and nine with a borrowed one). Take the suggestions seriously, practice, practice, practice. Waypoint your house, then go for a walk; then click GoTo your house's waypoint and see how it helps you get back home. Then try some of the easier caches to get used to the gadget. Have fun and welcome to this fun addiction!

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Garmins are easier than magellans so you are in good hands.  Yes Magellan users that was a shot.  (You have to speak slowly and exaplain these things to them)


Welcome to the addiction.


Edit, Can't spell.  Good thing my garmin is easy to use or I'd have trouble reading the menu.

:o Does that mean Magellan users are smarter, since we have to master more "advanced" features? Had to take a shot at this one! :D

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I didn't find my cache on Saturday but it was a great excuse to get out on the hiking trail (something I haven't done in far too long!!!) and we had a great time anyway. :D Found a new trail right down the road from where I live that I didn't know existed! We spotted some fox tracks and got some adrenaline going with a little rock climb. ;P Should have brought some plastic bags to practice the 'cache in trash out' technique I hear about though because there was a bunch of litter. :D We'll remember that when we try the same one again! Hopefully later this week. :D


Thanks for the warm welcomes and (somewhat goofy) encouragement. :o

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