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Pictures - Cool Cache Containers (CCC's)


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*May contain spoilers if you cache in Melbourne, Aus*


Some pix of our cache bits and bobs. And more info on those listed below...

My Photobucket album


Keeper of the co-ords...


(FYI - nest was handmade, not stolen from the wild, Budgie is resin :D)


Not what it seems...



Standard Pine Cone cache, right? In an Australian Native Tree? Hrmmm...


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Cattail? Bullrush?


Anyhoo, it was super easy! And I'm reasonably pleased with how it turned out :D


We'd knocked down a concrete wall, and before the rubble got taken away, there were all these steel reo bars lying about, and, well, my mind can work in some odd ways at times, but it seemed the perfect thing for our upcoming cache!


I grabbed a file and rounded the top end. Then sprayed the rod in a green that was closest to the sample leaf I'd grabbed!


Under the brown foam section, I sprayed it white, so that it is obvious when people slide it up, that the co-ords are there. Also, not sure if you can tell from the crappy pix, but there's a small black arrow visable on the green, even when the foam is down. The giveaway that this may not be the real deal!


As for the foam itself. It's just some ordinary seat foam we had lying around in the workshop. I used scissors to shape it (takes a bit to get used to using them on the foam so that it doesnt plunge ugly holes in it), and then used a metal skewer to carefully stab the middle out - being careful not to take so much that would leave it loose, and able to slide down the rod!


I then used some basic acrylic paint and dabbed it onto the foam using a tissue. No idea how it will hold up in the elements, but the foam was fairly faded to a brown tone anyway, so I'm not phased.


So yeah, once at the co-ords, they have to find this in among the others, then the previous waypoint gives the clue - slide, and there's no rush - so they hopefully make the connection to slide the foam up and reveal the co-ords for the next waypoint!

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Saw these pics posted in another thread. I love the idea of custom containers. The fav one I found was a log that was split and made into a container. Please post pics or discriptions if you do not have any pics of Cool Custom Cache Containers (ok CCCC's now)

now thats cool


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This may take some editing by me to get the pictures right so bear with me.


Here is a cache I have had out a while and looking at my profile it should not take long to figure out which one.


Anyway the front view nothing spectacular:



Side view is a little more revealing:



Oh there is the trick to this treasure:


That is right the key to lock on the front is "attached" to the back of the ammo can via a classic horseshoe puzzle. Turn out to be harder then I anticipated for most cachers.


Guess I will need some help on re-sizing the pictures. Any help out there?


For some reason it would not let me edit the page a second time. Thanks for the help.


Thats a real easy puzzle. Or at least it is for me.


It is only easy if you know the secret. Not everyone does.

I didn't know the secret the first time I ever tried that puzzle, but it only took me about a minute tops to get the ring off. I can see how it works. But visual puzzles like that are easy for me.

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I was looking for a really good place to put my booger. I was surfing my mapping program and I finally located two likely spots. I narrowed it down to 1 spot and I'll be putting my bugger in a tree hole at the base of a big hill or small mountain called Big Nose. It was either here or across the river at the base of Little Nose. Big Nose wins and my bugger will be placed this week. Swizzle

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i have not hide this yet but it will but im thinking of saying that it's in the backseat of my broken down ford explorer


What a perfect opportunity to list the cache as being "a small plastic 4x4 container"!

Before I scrolled down to see ziggy crew's post, (I think there's a cache in that pic) I was going to post that the reverse has also been done, and probably been posted in the early days of this thread.


There's a real retired 4x4 out in the woods somewhere in ZZ with a pile of rocks on it. The cache page reads-"you are seeking a 4x4 container under some rocks." :anitongue::laughing:

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Here is one I really liked. It is from an cache we found two years ago which is now archived.


-- snip --



What, no one else mentioned the burued part of the cache?? :anibad:B)

Welcome to geocaching. Bend it anyway you like. Lots of caches bend the rules.


Also it is possible that a pointy object was not used to place this cache.

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Here is one I really liked. It is from an cache we found two years ago which is now archived.


-- snip --



What, no one else mentioned the burued part of the cache?? :);)

Welcome to geocaching. Bend it anyway you like. Lots of caches bend the rules.


Also it is possible that a pointy object was not used to place this cache.


I qualified my lame post.. I am all for hides like this. I was just surprised that no one in these here forums mentioned the BURIED (for Knowschad) aspect or whether permission had been seeked out.. B)B)

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Seems like a great cache to me. I have to put it on the list of caches I-am-going-to-blantly-copy-but-never-get-around-to.


Permission aside, as long as you don't dig the hole yourself and digging isn't required to grab it, it's not buried is it?

Just moved the squirrel and there it was. Your statement is correct.

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Is that the actual location of the hide? Seems like a key lying on the road/pavement/parkinglot would be muggled quickly.


No, it is near where it is hidden. It is not out in the open.

So how did you hide it? Is the log in the key fob?


Its hidden in a good spot. Not hard to get too, but not noticeable to any muggles. The log is inside the remote. It really worked out well. I took the circuit board out and there was just enough room. As well it also has its own water proof rubber gasket.

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I really like this thread and have gotten a few ideas from it, so I thought I would post a few pics to help keep it going. This is a treasure chest I built that was part of a multi. The first stage was a micro that had the coordinates to stage two which had a small magnetic gold bar and instructions to take the gold bar to stage three. Once at stage three you found the chest and had to place the gold bar on an X that was burned into the lid of the chest in order to unlock it.




It survived the weather and stayed dry for a long time until a bear found it and chewed it up beyond repair so I had to archive it.

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The gold bar was made from epoxy putty that I molded around a 1" round by 0.5" thick neo magnet. The lock on the inside had the same kind of magnet on it and when the bar was placed on the outside of the chest it attracted the magnet on the inside and opened the lock.


I'd like to see step by step instruction on the locks guts and what makes it work. That is cool as HEL....uh Heck. Was the bear mad because he didn't find stage 2? Swizzle

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I have an event cache coming out in a couple of weeks. The quest description reads:


"The woods can be a dangerous place. We understand that, just as you do. And we know it isn’t always possible to be fully prepared when circumstances call you into nature’s most beautiful and hard to find places. That's why Boneman Incorporated is pleased to announce the Hiker's Assistance and Life Protection system, the first network of its kind devoted solely to the safety of you and your loved ones as you explore the great outdoors.


This unique and innovative service, available 24 hours a day, is available free of charge, when you need it most. We've installed the first test system right here in the Peace Country at the above posted coordinates. We're confident you'll agree it's the best safety tool currently accessible for the ever-growing community of outdoors enthusiasts - for people like you.


But don't take our word for it. Head north off of Highway 668 and come see for yourself.


Remember folks, when you need help, you need H.A.L.P. "


When the cacher arrives at the posted coordinates in the middle of a forest, they find an old style touchtone phone attached to a tree, and the log is inside the earpiece.

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