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Quest Master Gets and Passes 500

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Congratulations to one of the best geocachers in the country! You were one of the first in the area, and have some of the best hides anywhere in the world! Sure, you didn't pass 500 as fast as some people, in fact you pretty much took your time about it. And okay, maybe you do cache with a veritable herd of children who do the actual searching for you. And maybe you complain about every cache that isn't a 5 mile hike into the most remote regions of Appalachia... You know what? You're really not all that great - so why don't you stop tootin' your own horn and get over your bad self. Sheesh! Wake me when you get to 1000...

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Thanks everyone!


Ben: Hi!


PSPAUL: No, it's still looking for a FTF. Interested?


MissJenn: Only one.


Lep: Thanks. High praise in spite of the fact that the quality of my hides has deteriorated somwhat recently.


Tonsil: Just trying to keep the game fun. Looking forward to "Ex-Elf in the Crackhouse".

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Congratulations from us too. We appreciate all you have done to enhance the sport, including your thoughtful log comments, friendly advice, Geocaching Picnic and Campout Events, (dis)organizational efforts on behalf of SW PA cachers, “Cache Vandal Travel Bug”, shiny new dime in the “Sand Quarry Cache”; and, your “Liston School Road” and other truly memorable caches.


Your “Chinatown” was our third cache. After getting thoroughly “flamed” for a “newbie” comment inadvertently left in a log, we came close to pulling the plug on geocaching. Even though we lived in another state some 200 miles away, your patience and guidance at that time, kept us enjoying the sport. We look at your caches as a “gold standard” and look forward to various ones we have not yet had the opportunity to visit. But we plan to savor them, so it will be a while before we get to 500! :unsure:

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