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Bug Logged By A Newbie

Team Lyons
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I had someone log one of our bugs today and here's what they wrote.


Chilly day. Fun find. Good spot. My dog actually found it.. He sniffed it out. War memorial park is only a brisk walk from my house. Took Homer Head TB left Doofy Duck TB. It didnt fit in the cache, so its next to it.


This cacher only has two finds and from their profile they started caching yesterday. I wrote them an email explaining that that's one of the quickest ways for a bug to go missing. An animal or a muggle could stumble on it and take it and or the cache. I kindly asked them if it would be possible to go back and grab the bug and place it some other time in a bigger cache and that it wasn't manditory for them to place a bug the same day they found it. I think I handled this pretty well don't you? What would you have done different?

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Guess I can also put in my two cents... since it is my cache that he placed it next to... he is a newbie and didn't understand... he is more then happy to have people explain things to him about the sport and he knows that he has much to learn.


I am glad this was handled well because it isn't our place to yell at people that are just starting out. Some people think that because they have been doing this so long that they have somehow better then the guy that started out two days ago...


I think it is the responsiblity of the veterens to help those that make a mistake when starting out. When I first started out I had gotten some RUDE comments from people because maybe I didn't rehide a cache very well. Thanks for helping to keep this fun for all.

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Just to throw in a newb's comments:

I've only been caching since the start of this month, and while having a great time, it is still evident that there are certain points of caching etiquette that are not always documented extensively. The majority of newbs new to *any* social/group activity want to do their best to learn how the system works so as to participate and not offend, so any time someone takes the time to *politely* point out an error, it is greatly appreciated.


No one wants to be set straight by getting an insulting note. I've encountered nothing but helpful and friendly assistance since starting, and it has boosted my desire to participate enormously.

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