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Magellan Mapsend Direct Route


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I like it.

The new maps are more detailed and highly accurate (in my area at least).


I has a few irritants:

(1) Changing some GPS settings

(2) It does a lot of beeping (I sometimes keep the stereo up a little, so the beeping is barely there)


I use it for driving to new areas, or even to find a specific building, and I have used it for driving to caches in places I know nothing about. It has guided me correctly, except for construction in progress. It even has roads that were new last year (or was it the year before.)


I would not try to use road autorouting when out of the card and looking for the cache. (Perhaps I mis-understood your question.)

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My only thought about this is if you have more than one computer, be aware that you can only run the software on one at a time. Also, with my Meri Gold/5.12/128M SD I now am suddenly having trouble with the GPS losing the detail map. I have not had time to figure out what is goin wrong, but there is no fine detail (smaller streets, etc). It is as if I removed the SD card and am using the "built-in" map. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some time to check it out. There is also another thread about these issues in this forum.

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That loss of detail is probably the firmware changing your map detail setting to medium when you run a street route. Check your settings and see if you can put it back to high or highest.


I hear it's supposed to set it back to your settings after completing or discontinuing the route, but if you power down while the route is active the settings stay that way until you manually change them.

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I was chasing some caches through lunch hour traffic today, and DirectRoute was automatically re-routing when I missed turns due to the other cars or construction.


I didn't have to push the reroute button or anything. NEAT!


This is on a Meridian Color.

That's contrary to Magellans documentations and my own experience with DR. I've definitely missed turns and have never observed it automatically recalculating.


Something's not right...

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It did not pop up the recalculating screen.

It just offered different turns to get back on the original track.

I still have trouble with this. As far as I know, the Meridian does not recognize if it is on or off route. It simply directs you to the next turn (which is an invisable waypoint). It only switches to the next waypoint when you have reached the previous one. The documentation says that you are only able to bypass the 1st waypoint (arrive at the 2nd without passing the first) and still have the unit proceed to the following waypoint. However if you skip any of the other waypoints you will need to request a manual recalculation of the route.

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I played around with it over the weekend both on the drive to a cache and on the actual hunt. It worked pretty well and the maps were very detailed, even for back streets (e.g. "hey honey, expect a slight curve to the left in approx 150 ft").

When driving through heavy tree coverage i felt a bit stranded but the unti quickly picks up again.


My only complaint was that the backlight comes on with the alarm. As it was daylight, the only was i noticed was a slight buzz and the quickly falling battery levels.

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I keep my light timer on 30 seconds also. It seems (it could be just my imagination) that after an alert for a turn, if I am going down a straight road with no other alert for more than 30 seconds, the light stays on. I noticed this when driving at night. I wouldnt push any buttons, and no more alerts would occur, but the light seemed to stay on... Is it just me?

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