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New Geocaching Magazine


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congrats on the effort and energy involved....now my $.02.


i enjoy that geocaching is still somewhat underground and unknown. i was a fan of a particular underground sport that was pretty much ignored by the general public. as it went mainstream and attracted a more widespread audience it got watered down by oversaturation, then legislation. if too many people find their way to geocaching i expect the same will happen.


that's not a knock on your efforts, i admire your enthusiasm. but the less people know about it the better as far as i'm concerned.


good luck

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I guess I will repeat that the site likely won't look the same when it is "officially" going. I'm not on the layout end of things, but I hope it will look nice without being distractingly "flashy." Content matters the most, but certainly it should look good too. The current version is kind of like a template. Something to get things officially started.


El Diablo already addressed things, but I will say that the e-zine is not about particular sites. Nor is it about only US caching. It is about caching period. Not much need there to limit or focus on various sites or countries. Caching is well... caching, regardless of the site or country, and the stories are not aimed to be about sites or countries. They are aimed to be about caching.


So, now a shameless editor request! If you have a good kid's caching story idea email me! I would like to get a backlog of stories before this thing becomes official! :D

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Has anyone ever seen the skit on SNL "Nick Burns: your company's computer guy" or whatever it is? Av8tors reminds me of him... The gist of it is, the guy thinks everyone else is below him in terms of computer knowledge, and while he does know a lot, he's just a jerk (not saying you're a jerk, just a little bit elitist). This thread has made me laugh just like that skit.


I think the idea of an ezine is a great one, and a magazine would be even better. In fact, I'd love to see an option someday when we sign up or renew our subscriptions here, to subscribe to an actual magazine for an extra 10-20 bucks per year. Which reminds me... I haven't renewed yet (off topic, sorry, but i hope they let me keep my charter member status...) I guess they'd actually have to become affiliated with Groundspeak for that to happen, but maybe it's possible.

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I have a cable modem, and Vacman's site loaded in a flash.


The Fonts on the Magazine's site can be improved.


I would go for having a printable PDF file on that site, that you

can download, and print, or view later, or saved to another computer or handheld.


When you go to the Magazine's webpage, it could run a test to see how fast a connection you have, and what browser you have, and then present to you the best apperence that your connection will allow.


They need lots of input from other cachers, as far as pictures and stories go.

Also they need a person that knows how to publish a PDF file, that can be emailed to Subscribers.



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Isn't it time those smart alecs who try to prove to the world just how clever they think are in computing and it's jargon, shut up for once. I bet half of them are incapable of hitting a nail into a piece of wood without some instructions? I applaud this ezine, people have got off their butts and done something about it, WELL DONE I say and more power to their elbow, they will get my full support.

It doesn' t matter how fast the loading is, here, it will only load as fast as France Telecom allow. I would be very happy with good information, interesting articles and the facility to download and re-read at leasure.

I await with great intrest for the first issue, and please, oh please, remember the world extends beyond the USA coastlines.

By the way I'm computer illiterate, but give me a bridge to build and I'm in heaven.

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I bet half of them are incapable of hitting a nail into a piece of wood without some instructions?

Maybe, maybe not. But so what? Everybody has different skills. Does not mean that one is better than the other. And where would this or any website be without those people that are not computer illiterate?


You go build your bridges and I'll go build websites. I likely can not do what you do and you likely can not do what I do. But I think we are happy to have both. A poorly designed web site will still convey the information. And an ugly bridge will still carry traffic. But if given the choice which would you choose to use?

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I am a self professed Geek. I work, sleep and breath IT. The look of the site could be improved? Yes but I am more interested in content. As long as the have interesting articles and good insight into the cacing life I could really care less what it looks like. Many of the sites I frequent are flashy, interactive and use cutting edge technology. Others are boring to look at but informative. In this case I would say content is much more important than the medium. Good Work guys and I look forward to reading faithfully.

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I think instead of bashing people's offerings, we should commend them for taking on the task of putting all of this together. If you have talents and think you can help, do so, but don't do it by putting down the hard work of the people working on this project.


If we can't be friendly to each other, who can we be friendly to?



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Greetings! I will look forward to reading more of your e-zine re caching. But I do have a question.......in the first photo on the photo page, is the cacher climbing the log to GET to a cache? LOL! Best of luck with your new endeavor. Those of us with five kids and dial-up will appreciate a less-is-more front page! Thanks.


Punxsutawney, PA

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But I do have a question.......in the first photo on the photo page, is the cacher climbing the log to GET to a cache? LOL!

No, actually, that's what your local cache reviewer there in PA does for fun friday nights when he doesn't have a date. :D


Poor Keystone Approver!

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Feel free to tell me how ugly it is  B)

It's not ugly at all, but I am still sad you stole my icon. <_<

Huh? Are you talking about the MC Ecsher Triangle? - If that is what you are talking about, I have had a tribute page to his art up for about 5 years now - that is where I got that idea... In fact, I have been using the triangle over on the Swish Help forums since May, 2001. Pray tell! If I have a debt for the artistic plagerism I would be proud to tell the world from whom I stole it.

Edited by Vacman
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