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Sportrak Map Questions

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I have a Sportrak Map that I got a few days ago. I updated to ver. 4.06 from the Magellan web site. I've noticed a few things that I would like to know if it's normal.


1) I've set the unit to verify shut down when the power key is pressed. When the text comes on to verify shutdown (by pressing the enter key) some of the text is unreadable (doesn't fit on screen). Anyone else have this?


2) When I go to the sat. screen on the bottom where the numbers for the 12 sat. are I don't have all 12 listed... sometimes there are 8, 9, 10. Are all supposed to be there even if not getting rec. from them?


3) On some nav screens when in the sun some of the darker areas seem to flicker or look wavy. I don't notice it really while inside or in the shade. Is this normal also?


Thanks for your replies....yes I know I am OCD!!!

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Im running 4.02. Mine does the same when verify is on.


Mine lists all that should be available. Im looking now and it lists 12, with 2 available in the house, but Im prety sure that at times Ive seen less.


Try adjusting your contrast.

If I am understanding you correctly, it just sounds like the refresh rate of the display. It will be more noticable in bright light.



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So, let me get this straight. There will be times that I will have 12 satellites listed on the bottom of the sat. nav screen, that's because my GPS "sees" them. I may only get reception from lets say 5-6 which is good.


Now there will be other times that I will only see 8 satellites listed on the bottom of the sat. nav screen this is because my GPS only "sees" 8. I may get reception from 4 of them.


Your saying this is normal and nothing to worry about? So If I see the sat. number dissapear from the bottom that is o.k.?

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Almost. Your receiver gets almanac data that allows it to predict where all the satellites in the GPS constellation are located. It will only attempt to receive signals from those that are sufficiently above the horizon from its last known location. Those are the satellite numbers shown on your screen. Sometimes there will be 12 or more satellites visible from your location and the receiver will try to get signals from the best 12, but other times you'll have fewer satellites above the horizon and you won't see a full 12 satellite numbers shown on the screen. What the receiver doesn't know is which satellites may be obscured by buildings, hills, your body, etc. so it tries to receive signals from the satellites it expects to have over the horizon but usually won't actually get a signal from all of those. That's why only some of the listed satellites show a bar indicating the signal strength (or more precisely, the signal-to-noise ratio).

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Do you guys ever experience what I wrote to begin this thread about the text on the shut down screen and only having 8-10 satellite numbers listed at the bottom of the sat screen?

I guess I don't have my receiver set for the verify you are talking about so I don't know about that problem but I believe the most sats I've ever had show is 7 or 8 which is 4 or 5 more than you would need anyway.

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