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Real Time Event Cache. Live Online!


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I have been granted permission to use my company's multimedia training facility for an event. (Possibly several more.)


At my event cache, on Saturday, guests will have the opportunity to log the cache, during the event, as the page is projected onto a large, 8 foot by 12 foot, viewing screen. The travel bug pages, at the event, will be displayed on the screen as well.


I was wondering if something like this has been done before....?


Would anyone be interested in posting a note to say "Hi," during the scheduled hours of the event? (Central time.)


I'm working on getting a webcam for the next meeting in this location. Would anyone be interested in watching an event online? Interacting through notes on the cache page, or an event thread? Any suggestions on how it could work better than I have already stated?


(This post would work so much better as a poll)


Sn ;)B) gans

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Hi everyone,


The event is about to start at 3:00PM Central time.


Would anyone like to say "Hi."


We may lose our internet connection at 3:30 due to a last minute scheduled outage. I have a back up plan, but it was devised at the last minute, so I have NO IDEA if it will work.


Sn :tongue::) gans

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