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A Loss To The Northwest


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I recently became aware that OtisPug had achived all his caches, (nearly 100). A lot of these caches have been intoduced to us in the great NW by Niskibum.

I have no Idea why it happened. Certainly one of the best and most origonal hiders anywhere. I wonder if he knows he's had a big effect on caches even up here?

Maybe it wont be so hard to find 'bum caches now! :rolleyes:

Our loss.

Thanks Otis

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I looked at one of the cache pages that Otis had pulled and the final note he put on it simply stated "Too much politics for a simple game". Short and sweet, just like a Pug. Truly a great loss for the folks down in that area.


Don't worry too much Ish-n-Isha, I have no intention of making my caches any easier. Now if I could just get off the ski slopes long enough to plant a few..... :D

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Don't worry too much Ish-n-Isha, I have no intention of making my caches any easier. Now if I could just get off the ski slopes long enough to plant a few..... :D

Hey just plant some on the mountain. There are 2 planted on Mission Ridge in Wenatchee. You might as well put some on Schwitzer or where ever you go.

Maybe try mission ridge over here and get those 2 on our local mountain!

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I have had one at Schweitzer for almost two years now, and someone else placed one on the front side this year, but since Schweitzer has decided that they only want rich skiiers to buy their season passes I will soon be planting one at Silver Mt. (maybe even this weekend). It shouldn't be that hard to find, but probably not that easy to get to, but what do you expect from a bum that learned from a pug?


Is Mission Ridge worth the trip over? I don't care much for runs less than a black diamond.

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Same company owns Mission Ridge, Stevens Pass and Schweitzer dont they? The should have some info on Mission at Schweitzer. Cool part is if you have a seasons pass at any place they own, lift tickets are what, half price at their other ski areas?


Mission Ridge is a bowl with lots of vertical. You can check the stats for your self. Lots of off trail steeps as well as on trail. These days they groom the snot out of anything they can and the stuff they cant groom, the boarders wreck with their 2 turns and a 50' skid. Hard to find decent moguls anymore.


That pretty much leaves the off trail.


Mission could use an infusion of money. They have alot of excellent terrain that is unserviced by lifts. There are lots of people willing to do some hiking/sidehilling to access that terrain. Much diffrent than Schweitzer where they have 3 chairs running up the same hillside basically 1000'-1500' apart.


We are pretty spoiled. Its 13 miles from downtown and many years in the spring we have gone skiing in the morning and waterskiing in the afternoon.


In short I'd say for a 1/2 price ticket you cant lose.

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