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Geo-hot Potato


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Re-reading your first message, we'd be excluded

Yeah, that was last year's game, but me, being in Lakewood and Federal Way, didn't get much of a chance to play. This year, the map would look something like this:




Gaviidae has volunteered to be the impartial ref this time. Does this map look fair?


(The flat right side is W 122; the flat bottom is N 47)

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So if I read this right, those in King Co. try to move it to Pierce Co. and vice verse. The team that moved it has to wait three hours to move it again and can move it deeper into the opposing team's territory so long as it doesn't move past the max distance and stays within the boundaries as outlined.


I'm in for King County.

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The blue line on the map shows the boundary of where the hot potato can travel. The red line is the line between the teams. Even if you're outside of the boundary, you can still come inside and move the bug (within 5 miles of its current position).


The blue line boundaries are (starting from the southwest corner):


From the intersection of N 47° and SR 165, north along SR 165 and SR 410 into Enumclaw,

Through Enumclaw northwest eight blocks on SR 164,

From Enumclaw northward up SR 169 to W 122°,

North up W 122° to I-90,

Westward along I-90 to Lake Washington, around the northern end of Mercer Island, then westward along I-90 to Royal Brougham Way, continuing into Elliot Bay,

Westward along the Seattle-Bremerton ferry route, but continuing through the water to the intersection of SR 16 and SR 3,

Southwestward along SR 3 to the Kitsap/Mason county border,

South along the Mason county border to the Pierce/Thurston/Mason county border

Southeasterly along the Pierce county border to Fort Lewis (at the railroad crossing of the Nisqually River),

Southeasterly along a line drawn to the intersection of SR 607 and N 47°,

East along N 47° to SR 165


The red dividing line is Pierce county's northern border, from the Mason/Pierce/Kitsap county point, east to SR 410.


I'll tweak the rules and place the potato tonight.


I guess I better declare myself on the Pierce County team.

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The hot potato has been revived? Hooray! I had a lot of fun with this last year as a newbie cacher.


This is probably the one thing that will get me out caching in all of this snow and slush... I'd better get out some warm socks and try to regain some of my Eastern Washington toughness!


I'm in Federal Way, so I'll play for King county. Bring it, Pierce county! ;)

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TravisL will soon be dropping off the Hot Potato at an undisclosed location. The game will start on my Go at about 7:00 PM tonight.


Weather reports forecast the area to stay above the freezing level all night so no reason someone couldn't go night caching and move it tonight. B)


Good luck everyone. ;)

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The game has started. The Hot Potato has been placed at the location of Acorn On The Rocks pretty durn near the border. Unfortunately, this cache was buried by snow, moved, or it's gone so the Potato was left in a ziploc bag in the hollow space under a rock where the cache used to be.


You can follow the score at the following website: http://users.techline.com/stump/gc/potato.html or just track the TB.


Points will start to accumulate as soon as the TB is moved and then logged. Please remember when logging the TB to log the time the TB was LOGGED not when it was placed in a cache.


Game on.

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Did you get posted as being on the South Team by mistake?  If not, how can you and the PBB be on opposite sides?

CachinCin is on the North team. The North team wants the "ball" to stay in the south.

Another way to look at it is this, our turf is the north half and we want to drive the ball into the south or the other side of the 50 yard line and into thre end zone. Since you don't actually score touchdowns here, the scoring has to be different thus the goal of keeping it on the other side of the 50.

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Wait a minute. I guess that since the game has begun, then my team is determined by the location of the first cache I ever found within the game boundaries. Have I got that right? The first one I found in this area was GC1027, which is definitely in the south. Or I'm I completely confused?

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What dirt does somebody know to con you into being the referee?


As long as I'm a ref I can't play. And if I can't play I won't be tempted to drive 2 hours to move the ball. And if I don't drive 2 hours to move a little ball my wife will be happy. :D


I tried to post indicating a possible error without pointing a finger at the referee! 


Thanks, as soon as I read it I recognized my error. I just didn't realize Travis had already posted the site and thought you were making the same mistake I did!

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I looked at the previous threads and all the links I could find, but couldn't see how the point accumulation works. So that we're not playing somewhat blind to this, can a summary be posted here and have the rules updated to include the mechanics of the point accumulation?

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