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Anyone Seen The New Garmin?

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A friend and I are looking at the new Garmin GPS coming out this quarter (http://www.garmin.com/products/gpsmap60cs/). With a 256 color screen, and "Special geocaching navigation mode" it looks awesome. Does anyone know anything more about the Geocaching features other than:


1.) The Compass page becomes tailored to geocaching while the user is navigating toward a geocache.

2.) During navigation toward a geocache, a note or hint about the cache is readily accessible (if the cache waypoint contains such information in its comment field).

3.) When a geocache is found, the unit will mark the cache found, log an entry into the outdoor calendar, and provide an option that—with one button press—will show the next-closest cache.




It's more expensive than many pocket-PC units available that will store GPS info and Geocache info, in addition to other "regular" PC stuff, but it still looks cool.

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First quarter means end of March, if it is on time. I remember the GPS V was almost 6 months late.


Sug retail $600.00 means street price will be around $500.00 No one sells electronics in the US at Sug. Retail.

$500.00 I guess will be the MAP price "Minumum Advertised Price"


Dig. Compass-You can bay a real one for around $9.00 (That is what I use)

Keep in mind, unless Garmin has gone to a traxial compass like Magellan uses, you will have to hold the GPS level for the compass to be accurate.

I have a Magelan Sport Track color with a Dig compass, I still use the reg base plate compass. :rolleyes:

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At gps discount.com , They have preorders of the GPSMap60C for: $370.00 or $390.00 with the pro90 battery pack. The GPSMap60cs (Has electronic compass and altimeter) for $418.00 or $438.00 with batt pack. All packages come with cables. No shipping fees. I and several friends have purchased here and were FULLY satisfied with service.

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