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Newbie: North-central New Jersey


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Alright, my first poast in the NorthEast! We are originally from Austin and have been actively envolved with caching (which we love) as well as making it to team events, CITO's and been envolved with the yahoo groups for Central Texas! Since moving to New Jersey we feel lost! (hey we have only been here for a few months). Does anyone know of any groups to get enrolled in as well as great places to go caching!?!? Thanks


-Paul aka Mustang from BugsandMustang

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Welcome! Keep your eyes on this forum. We get together for group hunts from time to time. In the meanwhile, look for caches planted by Hartclimbs, Marty621, Skully & Mulder, the Artful Dodger and Team GWHO. They account for most of the best caches in the northern half of the state. Not that they aren't great caches placed by others, but these are probably the most prolific hiders of excellent caches in the northern half of the state.


As far as great places to hunt. Ramapo Mountain State Forest and Ringwood State Park have a good number of caches (they are adjacent to each other) and the area is quite scenic. There are half a dozen good caches in Norvin Green State Forest and most are near some incredible views. Waywayanda State Park has some very challenging caches and there are a good number of fine caches along the Palisades in Bergen County.


In central NJ, the Sourlands Mtn Reservation has quite a few caches and Cheesequake State Park also has some very interesting caches.


And of course you can't forget about the good caches placed in small, county and municipal parks around the state.

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Brian has listed some of the best cache placers / creators in North Jersey, however his modesty prevents him from adding his own name to the list.


All the caches that Brian places are well thought out, in interesting and different locales in North Jersey.


Here in Northern NJ we tend to eschew formal organizational structure. We get together informally on cache hunts and have a great time doing it. Both the NY and PA geocaching organizations warmly include and welcome us in their picnics and get together. At the end of August, the NY organization had their picnic in the Palisades Park the straddles the NY and NJ border.


I would suggest watching the NORTHEAST board for notices of our informal cache hunts.


Welcome to North Jersey, it is a great area to geocache. We have arguably the highest density of caches in the US, with the best variety of caches.

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I appreciate everyones reply. Does anyone know how to get involved with the team caches that were talked about? I know there is an event calander on this site, is that ever used? We will try and do a number of the caches soon (once we find a house, with fingers crossed I hope we do soon!!!) Is there much activity in the winter, with events?

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Just keep watching these forums. We sometimes have group hunts that are advertised here. I've been yakking about a trip to the Hudson Highlands for months now, but haven't set anything up yet. Maybe soon. Also, check Dboggny's meeting on the 23rd. I plan to be there, unless Hartclimbs goes. I don't like that guy.

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Howdy and welcome Tholland! We should set up a day of caching. I'm due for a good day of hiking and caching and would love to help welcome you to the area. I'm in Hillsborough which is only about 15-20 from you guys. While I've covered most of the caches in this area, a trip to Morris county offers some good hiking and caching. January is pretty much out of the question for me as I'm about to hit the road for 2 weeks, but if your interested we could set something up in February.

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lots of good caches in north/central nj-best advice is to get out and look for them.

natureboy is another one who won't openly take credit for great caches. he's stumped us on several occassions which only makes it better when we finally figured them out.


someone mentioned morris county. you're not far from watchung reservation. check out "steeps over greenbrook" and others nearby for the general location of the reserve.


good luck

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