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Maritime Geocachers Association


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As promised at the last event cache in Moncton, NB. The planning has started for the site and a temporary eGroup has been made to help the flow of ideas.


Update on the web site: the server is ready.. we pretty much have unlimited space, and are able to do anything...


Some of the things planned thus far for the members on the site:

- access to create your own person sites on the server (provided they are geocaching in nature)

- the canadian national stats (like I've posted already http://personal.nbnet.nb.ca/elaschuk/geo/

- forums for us

- on-site listserv (to replace the yahoo eGroups one we are using right now)

- MARGA special travel bug trackers (secondary travellers, like the monkeys or the Dinosaurs)

- a "make your own" first finder's cirtificate (thanks to Scouterkevin for this idea)

- and other things still being discussed


There were many who I have invited to join, and for whatever reason have not emailed me back (maybe because they did not know who I was, thought I was a crazy loon, or what have you...)


If you are interested in getting involved in this (what we have thus far) then drop me a line off my profile (FunkyNassau) and I'll add you to the eGroup we have up and running at the moment. It's just New Brunswickers in the group right now, but we're looking for others from the other maritime provinces to come aboard... (making it a true Maritime Group/Club/Association/Collection of People)

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