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Questions From New Sportrak Map User

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I have a few questions from anyone familiar with the sportrak map gps unit.

1. How can I tell what ver of firmware I have? When I turn the unit on it says 3.02..is this the ver?

2. Is it worth updating to the new ver on the magellan websight or is there problems with the new ver?

3. I read that the new software (directroute) isnt compatible with the ST map unit. Ive also read reviews of the mapsend streets and mapsend topo and the people say that the maps are inaccurate and out of date. Does anyone have experiance with this software? Is it worth the $$ to buy it, or should I find someone in Ohio that has it and would be willing to burn a copy for a few $$ , or should I just do without?

I tried calling Thales to ask a few questions but the voice mail box was full and I held for the next available tech for 1/2 hour before I gave up. Sorry for the long post but your answers/opinions would be appreciated!


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i f you can buy the cd used... go ahead and get it.. a copy of course would be illegal.


there is more than 1 upgrade from your version. someone can probably guide you to the next version before 5.


i find the maps to be off a little in some areas, but not enough to really bother me.


the maps are good enough for road navigation to and from caches and for use finding roads at work and play.


i would upgrade to a meridian before i would buy the sportrak series again... because of stress creacks and also for the upgradable memory option.





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Mapsend Topo is the software to buy. It includes City Streets as well as the topo information. I have been using this software for almost 2 years and have been very satisfied. It is very reliable for geocaching and for traveling. Since I travel for work I download maps of the areas I am visiting. If you set up your GPS correctly it will tell you what intersecting street you are approaching as well as what street you are currently on. It makes it a lot easier to get around in a new area. The software is not perfect. When you consider that it has compressed the whole United States onto 1 CD I am surprised that there are not more errors, but I have not found that many. The street I live on is about 40' east of where it shows on the Topo map. Most software I have viewed don't even know the street exists.



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