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Snow Caching


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Me with the Haystack Mtn (VT) cache



Skigirl43 on the way to the Haystack Mtn cache



KBer, me, KBer's firiend, Natureboy44's son and Natureboy44 at the Night Sweats (NJ) cache



Opening the Night Sweats cache



Skigirl43 on the way to the Delta cache in PA

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We just got about 4-5 inches of the fluffy stuff last night. Not real big into the snow caching. Not to be OT, but do think caching in the snow gets a abundence of snow in the caches causing soggy log books etc...?

As long as you are careflu adn lift the caches up out of the snow there shouldn't be any problems. All the ones I have found have been nice and dry.

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All these pictures have been taken on a maintainance visit to one of my own caches.

I went up there right after the first snow to make sure he survives the winter.

Right now there are about 1.5m of snow up there, so I doubt he will se many visitors



The cache is hidden on the summit of this mountain




More pictures can be found here.

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Cool, I've got the exact same view of Georgetown in a pic I took a couple of years ago, only in October!


Somewhere I have a pic of the same view taken in summer!


I didn't know that the Guanella Pass was open in winter. I have driven over it several times before in summer. Is it still gravel road?

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This first one is Molly and Scarlett digging for the right place to bury our latest vaction cache inside the Grand Canyon National Park.



This second one is all three girls taking a rest in the snow after creating our latest travel bug, "Snowy, the snow covered snowman, made all out of snow" He wants to travel to someplace cold.


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I wasn't geocaching on this trip but I took some friends up to Guanella Pass last week. One friend had never seen snow (if you can believe that!). The town below is Georgetown, CO.





Cool, I've got the exact same view of Georgetown in a pic I took a couple of years ago, only in October!

I used to work at the Georgetown Saloon here in CT. Customers would come in and tell me there was a Georgetown Saloon in Georgetown CO. So I went there. Guess what, no Georgetown Saloon. But there was a bar, so we stopped, and then headed on to Winter Park. Gorgeous countryside there, really gorgeous. since this is about snow pics, I have one, just to stay on topic:



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