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Cache Repair Kit

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I also carry duct tape, to temp repair a cracked container. I also usually have an assortment of cache containers in the car I can use, *if* I know there is going to be a problem. I also have several micro log sheets printed up, as well as copies of the "You Found It!" note. Spare pencils, and some heavy rubber bands (to put around a cache that doesn't seem to seal well. I carry plenty of assorted items that can be used to restock a cache, even though I rarely trade any more. I have a Sharpie magic marker, that I've used to redo the coords on stages of a multi that were fading out. I'll probably think of more, but that it for now wiuthout looking in my pack.

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I don't have the Giant Magic Bottomless Backpack that umc takes with him that seems to have ANYTHING in it. Get stuck? *rummages around in pack* "Here's a wench!"


Anyway... my repair kit consists mostly of 'triage' items.


I always carry log books and golf pencils with me to leave in caches that need them. Also, I always have CITO containers with me that have plastic bags in them if the cache is in dire need, though zip locs would be much better and are also easily packed. I'll have to add that into my triage kit :rolleyes:


Having a cache note is a great idea. victorymike has made a business card sized version of the cache note that laminates and is easily carried and is very durable. Could just slip one of those in the log book.


Triage is what I generally prepare for. Save the logbook and the contents. Let the owner worry about complete repair.


[edit: note to self... "triage" has an "e" on the end.]

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What I have has already been mentioned, but I normally just have ziplocks and pens/pencils. I did have a couple of notebooks, but used one for some field notes and the other went to my daughter. I have been thinking about putting the camouflage duct tape in my pack. I have no room for a container in my pack at all unless it would be a micro. One of the things I thought about was how a owner would feel if I replaced their container. But if it's a container that would be damaged, probably some sort of gladware or rubbermaid, I imagine they wouldn't mind. But I do like the idea of duct tape to mend it, till the owner can take care of it on their own. I've also thought about the ideas of how an owner would feel if they used a certain type of log book and someone replaced it with something else? I guess it wouldn't matter either as they could easily replace the one that was put there to replace the previous one...just rambling...

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I carry about 4 yards of duct tape wrapped around a lightweight piece of plastic (it weighs about 2 ounces), a couple of produce style plastic bags from the grocery store (they are large enough to place all the contents of a .50 ammo can in), a few pencils, a GC.com cache sheet and a bandana that I can use to dry out a cache with.


That's about all I've found I need to do a quick repair job on a cache. Logbooks, extra tupperware and a bunch of trade items are heavier and bulkier than I care to carry while hiking.

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