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Trading Up

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First, let me say I'm new to this. Only 5 finds so far.


I know etiquette says to trade up, to leave something of equal or greater value when you find a cache and take something.


Is it acceptable to leave something, even if you don't take something? I've got lots of stuff to bring along and leave in a cache, but don't necessarily want to take something out.


Although I would never dream of taking something and leaving nothing, I'm not sure if it's proper to leave and not take (although I'm certain it would be).



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One of the local cachers here has a cache that is so full he is advertising a 2 for 1 special on trade items. Wish all caches had this problem.

We will almost always atleast leave a sig item if there is room. Usually a toy for more 'kid' oriented caches. We don't really trade unless we see something super cool or it is a milestone cache for us and we want a momento.

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Adding is always good. One thing you can do is to take but not keep - take something and move it to another cache. For example, if a cache has lots of little plastic animals in it, trade one out and put the animal in a cache somewhere else, thus promoting item diversity in your area.

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I agree with the last post.

(Or at least it was the last post when I started replying.)

One problem here in Southern Cali is that they get full of trash.

You find a round tupperware container full of useless crap.

Yes, and large old gnarly plastic toys that look like they were left outside

for a few weeks.


I have on occasion simply removed junk and threw it away from a cache

because there was no room to put anything and it was full of useless items.


(Okay, soapbox mode off now.)


Seriously, I know most of us don't do this for the items in the cache, but if

you at least commit to only taking something as nice as what you left then

we will all have something to look forward to.

Nothing like diggin through dirty tree branches to find a dingy box filled with

even more dismal stuff. Enough said. Clean up the caches !


P.S. I love you guys !

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I take nothing leave something all the time. In fact, lately I've been taking some of the absolute crap out and replacing it with (IMHO) better swag. I call it CICO - Cache In Crap Out. We're working on a logo... :huh:


Oh - oh - I just thought of something. Will I get another warning for saying crap? :D




Geo 35 105

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Being a poor college student, i often find myself leaving multiple smaller items and taking one bigger item. I have access to tons of cheap new cool little toys, like bubble necklaces, bouncy balls, rubber figures, etc, but cant afford to put hot wheels into every cache i find. So, a hotwheels gets traded for 4 or 5 of my other items. I've never really felt bad about doing that, because i think at least im restocking the caches. Besides, the hotwheels just go right back into caches anyways! :huh:

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I always leave something, and rarely take anything.


I've been leaving silver dollars and half dollars to help spark a little coin collecting interest, but they are getting too expensive to leave any more. I've left a couple hundred dollars of geo-swag by now. I am going to drift over to the TNLN side for a while.

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