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Multi Vs Traditional?

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I'm about to hide my first cache which is on a circular walk near where I work. I was thinking of either making it a traditional, with just one set of co-ordinates, which will take you straight to the final place OR making it a puzzle/multi where the clues/co-ordinates walk you around the walk until you get to the final hide. The walk total is about a mile around a business park, but its fairly pretty.

So which would you do? The direct route or the roundabout walk?

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We tend to avoid multis and particularly puzzles. A multi with perhaps a couple of intermediate points, no hard maths, and an indication of the expected time/length on the info page is much more likely to get our attention.


Better still (for us) is a standard cache, with the indication that it's possible to take a circular walk.


That said, we placed a cache recently, which has really easy access, but you miss most of the park, our recommended parking is much further but prettier. Lots of people seem to have taken the short route. Maybe we should make it multi/offset to force them to take the full route. Or maybe we should continue to offer the two routes, but if you want the short one, you have to find it for yourself.


I know of other people who jump at the chance for a challenging multi/puzzle.


Horses for courses, really.





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A bit of both really - it depends on what the goal of the day is.


If we are going caching just to get our figures up, then traditional or virtual are the preference. On the other hand, we spent a very pleasant afternoon today doing two multi's which took us to places we would never have otherwise visited.


Most people will have their own preferences, but if you think someone would enjoy walking in an area chosen by you - go for it either way!





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I tend to prefer a traditional, but don't hate multileg caches.


I have seen this:

A hider places 2 caches in seperate places.

Both caches have the same coordinate. The cache at that coodinate has a log bokk, and the coordinates for cache #2.


The seeker logs cache 1, and has the choice of continuing onto cache #2 and logging it as well.

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I like multis if they have a decent circuit, not just an out and back. Fair enough if you want to guide someone on a specific route to the cache, but it would be nice to have a different route back. Go for a multi if you can find genuine places of interest to mark the stages. These don't have to be ancient things, one multi we did had some references to some 1940s carved graffiti in a bridge!

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One thing we have really enjoyed since we started caching is the unexpected. :huh:


There are a few caches in our local area that don't advertise as being multi's but turn out to be one. We had a list of caches to hit, but ended up spending most of the afternoon on only one multi! I don't know what it is exactley but there is some "excitement" about going to a cache and then having your plans turned completely upside down!


At the end of the day the choice is entirely up to you and, as Quimbly said, if you think there are things en-route that are worth taking people to see then make it a multi! I know some people don't like mulit's but if it's in our area, rest assured, we'll visit it!

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I am planning to plant a cache in SW London. I thought about a multi but decided on a simple cache, but with a list of coordinants for a series of nearby points of interest, set in an order that makes them a walk to to the cache. If people want they can go straight to the target, but I would hope that a short detour would interest enough people.

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A multi with...an indication of the expected time/length on the info page is much more likely to get our attention.

I like this information on any cache, but especially on multis.


I prefer picking my own path to get from point to point. If I don't have much time for the hunt, I'll take the shortest route. If there are a lot of interesting things to see listed in the cache description, I'll plan my hunt for a day where I have the time.

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Oooo I love setting and finding multis, in particular the aspect of the guided walk. If you're careful, you can set up your cache to follow a really nice walk in a really pretty area and folks will get more from that than a standard cache 'n' dash IMHO. Choice is yours, really. You may also wish to bear in mind the extra "work" involved in finding a multi will put off some cachers, so you'll get less visitors. Also you may find a tad more maintenance is required on a multi, especially if your clues refer to signposts and info boards that can get changed on a whim. Trust me on that one!

As Stu says, it's horses for courses and entirely your choice. :huh:

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If there are a few places of interest in the park then I'd say use a multi otherwise use a traditional cache.


Also, as it is your first cache, I suggest a traditional as it makes it easier for you - get your first one down and then think about a multi.


As for what I go for - it depends whether I am on a cache dash or not and how long it might take - although I will make the odd detour or two if the multi is different!


Sea to shining Sea :huh:





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Our 1 multi gets far fewer visits that traditional caches. What we do find is that some folks seem to do the stages over several days or as groups.


A novel idea we want to try is put out a few trads that each have a clue pointing to a mystery cache ... the idea's not new but there aren't any like that around where we are! :(

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Thanks for all the input guys - i'm just itching to get the cache out there! I had it prepared over the weekend and was planning to place it today, then got called out to a customers site so couldn't get out at lunchtime. I might put the co-ordinates for the circular path as a suggested route - it really is circular, with the cache about three quarters of the way round. The Circular route takes you past a couple of ponds and its a pleasant walk - not spectacular scenery but *nice* and makes a good lunchtime stroll.....So for you cachers near Crewe - keep an eye out......

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I think a traditional cache is a good starting point for a first cache.


The number of first (and even second, third...) caches I have been to which had poor co-ords can make a newbie (sorry for the description) cache a real lottery.


Keep it simple ... (KISS).



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I quite like the multi's, but then of course I am not bothered on how long it is going to take me. Central London 2 for example took me about 3 months to complete! Mainly because I was busy. It takes a bit more organisation to keep the cache sheets and anwers, but that is part of the fun.


There are some really nice multi's that take you through some nice walks.


Well that's my penny worth...

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