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(suspected) Pepper Spray In My Cache!


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I put out a cache just over a year ago:




I started receiving logs / reports of suspected pepper spray in the container.

Another Geocacher checked it out and said it was due to fireworks left inside.


Today I received another log from a family saying that they experienced a reaction to something inside the cache - a burning sensation on the face.


I'm at a loss for words, I feel so bad for all of this, but not sure what to do besides check this out for myself. It hurts to believe that someone would do such a thing.


Any advice / thoughts / suggestions? Thank you.

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The first thing you should do is disable the cache. Then go to the site and chuck the cache and replace it with a new one in a different hiding spot. I find it hard to believe a fellow cacher would put something harmful in the cache. I would guess that a muggle found it a put something in it.

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Yeah, I would take a new cache. New logbook and a few goodies. The whole deal. You can trade the caches out and take the one home and see if you can clean it.


If you can't put a replacement out then disable the cache and make a note that you removed it on the cache page. Then you can see what you can do.

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It's very strange that some people have logged that it was fine while others have complained about the odor or pepper spray. All over the coarse of a year. I think someone may have visited the cache on a few different occasions and sprayed something in there. Again I can't imagine a cacher doing this so that's why I recommended moving the location. On a side, I notice you logged a find 4 time on you own cache. Probably just an over site.

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Yep, that's me in the year-old thread... what a bummer. I put out this and one other cache last year, the other one is on the site of the Hastings Nebraska Naval Ammo Depot and gets a great turnout. I put some historical literature in there, and judging from the logs, it gets rave reviews. Sorry to say I don't get out for "periodic maintenance"; I deployed last year and just got home. It drives me CRAZY to even think that someone could or would manifest such ill intentions.

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On the oregon coast I came across a cache that had a condom deposited inside of it. A used one. The worst that has happened to mine is a live bullet was left inside of it. All these things can be taken care of.


That first cache was tough to log, but of course a long stick and determination got me through it.


Spraying it with pepper spray is sure possible and a nasty trick. Maybe it's time to relocate it a bit?

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It just seems to get better every day.Aside from the knuckelheads that think that they may-be witty and funny,the Cachers that are concseienious and love doing this activity far,far out number the idiots.Nothing and I mean nothing,will stop me from partisipating in my quest to locate that ever so important log book.Mother Nature being the exception.As far as what you should do @ti2de...Thats up to you.Check out the sugestions and go from there.What ever you dicide,it will be the right thing to do. :unsure::DB)

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Just goes to show you, there are a lot of jerks out there. When I started geocaching this summer, my brother-in-law said "That sounds dumb. Why would you want to do that? If I ever found one of those boxes in the woods, I'd open it up and take a s*** in it." Nice. Real nice.


Needless to say, getting him a GPSr for a gift is not on the list anytime soon!

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Just goes to show you, there are a lot of jerks out there.  When I started geocaching this summer, my brother-in-law said "That sounds dumb.  Why would you want to do that?  If I ever found one of those boxes in the woods, I'd open it up and take a s*** in it."  Nice.  Real nice.

I work with a guy that's obsessed with what I've found in the caches. Has no interest in making the find, just wants to know if I made anything doing this. He'd be one of these types. Luckily, he's not smart enough to figure out how to turn the GPSr on, let alone make a find.


Maybe you should get him a GPS and turn him on to this. Might change his tune.

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It happens. Around here, a geomuggle found a cache and decided to use it as an urinal. They then closed the container back up and put it back in the hiding spot.

That happend to one of the first caches I hid.

I moved to a new locatiion maybe a half mile away with a new name, It is much harder to find now due to tree cover, but it has not been damaged.

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