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Bug Travel Via Postal Mail?


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I have a Tb ettiquite question. My wife has a pen pal in Denmark, and we thought it would be neat to get a travel bug from a cache, and mail it to the lady in Denmark, and have her place it in a cache there.


Would it be appropriate to mail one so that it can travel overseas?



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It depends on the goal of the bug.


Is a trip to Denmark in the plans for the bug? If it's a travel-the-world bug then it's probably okay. If it's a bug that's visiting the 50 states, then that would be a problem.



Is the friend a cacher so she can find a cache and place the bug in a cache?

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This topic has been covered pretty heavily elsewhere on this forum. I think the conclusion was that... any motion is good motion... When I first joined the site and forum... I thought using the mail was a bad thing... but i was holding a bug that needed to be in ireland on a certain date and I actually asked for assistance of people that might help me get the bug moved along...


There is not any rule that says a bug HAS TO move from cache to cache. But it is the best way and seems to be more of the spirit of this sport.

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