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With a couple of simple assumptions you can predict your ban date. My first warning was December 3, the second Dec 30th. That’s 27 days apart. No warnings have been removed to lower my average rate of accumulation. Therefore at this rate of accumulation I will be banned in 243 days. My expected ban date is Sunday August 29th 2004. That’s about 115 shopping days before Christmas.


This just gave me an idea for an event cache. :blink:

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But that would only be true if you had to reach 100% to get a ban. Some have gotten their bans with only 10 and 20%'s. So there is really no time to tell when you will be banned....

True. My 2nd warning came with the promise of a 3 day suspension if I did it agian. I figure you just add the time directly to the end of your calculatied date and it will come out even. It complicates the math though because you can't post and so those days don't count in your original burn rate.

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