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Travel Bug Race From Sweden To South Africa & Back

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Hi! We are a geocaching family in Gothenburg, Sweden, that are gonna arrange the first Swedish travel bug race! It's a race for travel bugs that are gonna start at the same cache here in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the same time and date. We are gonna have an event at that date, just to be able to get the bugs on the road...


Their goal is to get to a cache in South Africa and then head back home to Sweden again.


The bugs are only allowed to be moved from one cache to another by geocachers. It is not allowed to mail them to other persons, or have them moved by non-cachers.


In each country must they visit at least 5 caches (if there are at least 5 caches in the country!). Each cacher can only handle one racing travel bug at the same time. It is not allowed to handle the same racing travel bug more than one time. But it is okay to handle different racing bugs at different time!


We don't know how many TB that are gonna be in the race... But we are seeking for a good cache in South Africa that can hold perhaps 2-4 travel bugs at the same time; so therefor no micro caches. We are not looking for multi caches, virtuals, webcam or locationless caches. We are seeking for traditional caches in South Africa that can be the goal in South Africa for our racing bugs...


So if you have any good ideas of caches that might fit into the description above, please let us know... We have found two caches we have thought about:

GC8B5D (Tygerberg Cache) by clifford & donovan

GC1A67 (Degree Confluence S33E22) by Peter Scholtz


So if you have any good ideas, comments and/or thoughts about this matter, please feel free to make a comment here in this thread as we are gonna monitor it!


Happy New Year!



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Hi Hedberg


Sounds Great. I would love to have a travel bug race in our country. ;)


A cache which i recommend is Sentinel View. It is big and has lots of room, and would be fitting, as this is the first cache set up in SA. Its in a great location, and in good condition despite being the first cache around.


I do not recommend tygerberg cache, as the most recent posting shows that it has been plundered by the staff in the area, and though the replaced the cache, they know it is there, so the bugs could be in danger.


I would be keen to set up a cache specifically as a final destination for your race, so I could make sure it is big enough. Perhaps somewhere on Table mountain. Let me know if that interests you, and we could discuss any ideas for that.




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Good choice, so we took your advice and choosed Sentinel View as the cache in South Africa they must visit before they head back home to Sweden again.


If anyone of you wants to have a bug in the race, just get a TB and mail it to us and it will be in the race.


See the Bugrace website for more info: www.bugrace.tk


Thanks for the help!

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A suggestion as far as the bugrace is concerned, which from a South African perspective may add a bit of sparkle.


Maybe the South African geocachers must each pick their "favourite" to win the race (at the start of the race obviously) and you then add this to the website. We can then see who was the "winner" in predicting the bugrace winner.


And my favourite to win is...

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I'll be travelling to Nairobi, Kenya quite often over the next couple of months and would like to help a racing TB to get to RSA. Anyone visiting Nairobi?


As yet there are only virtual caches in Nairobi, so you would have to create a traditional cache there, if I am to help with the race. I may place a traditional cache there myself, if I find the time.

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The bugs must visit at least 3 (three) caches in each country they show up. The caches must be either traditional, multi or mystery - as long as there is a fysical box to place them in. If the country doesn't have three caches of that type, must they visit all caches of the types mentioned above in that country.

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The race page shall be accessable, BUT it uses a FREE domain, and you know what that means? You can't trust them, so sometimes it goes down. It is difficult to change address since that are the one on the bugs laminated note...


But if you are having trouble, go straight to the website at this address instead:



Emzett has made an excellent tool also; http://www.samaz.de/Bugrace

where you can see where the bugs are, if they are ready to leave the country and so on. Updated a few times per week normally.


A third way to find out where all the bugs are, is to check out the "Bug History" of the startpoint of the race, the Bugrace Event.


The most bugs are ready to leave Sweden, but none have done it yet. A few bugs are still placed at the two closests cache from where the event were held, but I have been promised by cachers that they will move them away from there within a few days.


One bug has travelled to the eastcoast of Sweden, very close to Stockholm.

Three bugs has travelled south and are trying to get to south part of Sweden, where a lot of Danish cachers normally do go geocaching. So I think it is just matter of time before the first bug leave the country.


Right now are the geocaching season starting, it is not so common that people do geocaching in the wintertime, but we can notice here in Sweden right now that the number of active geocachers are increasing, so hopefully will the race go a little bit faster soon...

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