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Travelbug Race Sweden - South-Africa - Sweden

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We are proud to say that we gonna arrange the first travel bug race here in Sweden.

We are gonna make a special cache for it in Göteborg.

The goal is to let all travelbugs that is gonna participate start from the same cache. Their goal is to get to an another country to a certain cache, and then return back home to the start cache.


They can only be moved by geocachers. Non-cachers or snail-mail will not be allowed ways of travel.


The travelbugs must be new ones, so we easily can track how many miles/km they travel and their way.


The first travelbug that has gone from the start to the return point in the other country and back to the start will win. There will be a prize for this winner!


Each cacher/team that wants to participate can only have one travelbug in the race.


The rules are not really clear yet, but are gonna be something similar like the Dutch's ones.. NL Bugrace

That the TB must visit at least 5 caches in each country, and must be handled by at least 5 different cachers in each country.


The contest will of course be open for team/cachers from other countries in the nordic region!


We haven't choosed with other country and cache that is gonna be the return point of the game... Please feel free to come with ideas, comments and suggestions...

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We have now choosed South Africa as the target for the race!!


So here is the thoughts we have about the race so far:


All teams, even non-Swedish, that wants to have a travel bug racing in the contest, must send them to us in a snail-mail.


We will put out a brand new cache and also arrange an event at that day.

We will place all the TB's in the cache on the internet page for the cache.

At a certain time on that day, during the event, will we release all the TB racers into the box, everybody can now pick ONE racer up and go to an another cache with it.


Each cacher can only handle one racer at the same time. Each cacher are allowed to handle so many racers he/she/they want but not at the same time. But it is not allowed to handle the same racer twice or more...


The racers are only allowed to be transported by cachers. It is not okay to mail them to someone else, or let a non-cacher move them.


In each country they show up, must the be placed into five caches (if there is five caches in the country!).


They can only be placed into caches of the type: traditional and multi cache.

Other kind of caches, such as webcam, locationless, virtual etc are not allowed to place the racers into...


There will be prizes to win, and we have thought about giving prizes for:

The first racer that returns

The second racer that returns

The third racer that returns

The racer who has the most mileage during the race

The racer who has the least mileage during the race

The racer who has most caches during the race


The travel bugs that are gonna be used in the race must be brand new ones that hasn't been used before...


We are right now seeking for a good cache in South Africa that can fit a couple of bugs at the same time, it might happen - who knows?!


So, if you are interesting of having your own racer in the race - leave a note here!!

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The topic is a little bit wrong, it should be "Travelbug race Swedish-South Africa-Sweden".

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The date and start time are now choosed.


The race will start February 14, 2004 at 14:00.

We have also made an event page here on geocaching.com (not approved yet) with more info. There will be an event going on at the same time, so that we can get the race going from the first second!!


The race is open for everybody, not only Sweds! So if you Finns, Norwegians, Danish and so on - wants to have your bug in the race - please feel free to let us know!!

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Ay ay captain! ;)


I have mailed you our address!


Right now have we been contacted by people from Sweden, USA, Canada, South Africa and Finland that wants to have a bug in the race. Really fun!!

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I would like to join the race.


But I have one question:

You say that if a cacher is participating in the race, the cacher are not allowed to move/help any TBs in the race.

And you say "Each cacher (...) is not allowed to handle the same racer twice or more..."


I just wonder... for example: like here in Norway, we are not that many active cachers (at least not in the Oslo region), so if many of us join the race, there will be few left to move the TBs around. Especialy since the TBs have to go to 5 caches, but can't be moved by the same cacher twice... ;)


Other than that: Thanx for making a fun race for us... :lol:


PS. The www.bugrace.tk page is not working... (it worked earlier today...)

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The free domains at ".tk" are not always the best, but what the heck - they are free ;)


The reason why I added that the cache owner are not allowed to handle their own racing bug or anyone else's racing bug - is this:


If you take our racing bug and drop it off in an another part of the world, far away from the direction it should go, are you doing it to help our bug to travel or help you own bug to win? That's the reason why I added this... So there will not be any discussions about bug owners placing other racing bugs at deserted places or at other parts of the world and so on...

Of course can the bug owner make a new user account, but we are trusting that people are honest... But if we should spot a bug that are being transported by only newly registreted users that hasn't been caching before, then will we take action!


And now on to your second question, about why the same cacher is not allowed to handle the same travel bug multiple times.. To prevent that a single person takes the bug straight from the start to the goal did we invent the rule about the bug must visit five different caches in each country it shows up in, if possible...

We want cachers all around the world to be involved in the race, and in some countries are not travel bugs so common... Instead of one single person taking care of all bugs, can now many persons do it instead.


We are hoping that all the bugs will make it back to Göteborg... Right now are there 8 bugs in the race. If we assume that they will go to at least 5 countries each (excluding Sweden twice and South Africa) will they go to 8 countries:

8 bugs x 8 countries x 5 caches = 320 caches.


We will try to make a map how the bugs are travelling when the race starts...

It will be interesting to see how the bugs will travel, where they will go after Sweden.


We have thought of reducing the number of caches in each country to speed up the race, because the race can take a couple of years!!!

What do you all think about reducing the number of caches to lets say 3 instead?

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Btw, we have also had some thought about having a deadline for the race (for some of the prizes)...


The three first racers that are returning back are no problem at all to give prizes to. But the other prizes such like the racer with most mileage will be difficult to give away, if there is a racer missing or stuck somewhere in the world.

So we thought of making a deadline, but the big problem is that we can't assume how long time the race will take? It can take everything between a month and several years.


Anyone that has a solution or idea how we should do?

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I agree with you on the answers to my questions. :rolleyes:


The only reason I asked was because I'm afraid that we will be short in cachers, if they all turn up in the same city. :rolleyes:

(Are you enough cachers in Göteborg to move all the racers?)


But if you reduce the caches to 3 in each country, it will be easier on both the race and the cachers... I think that is a good idea.


Since the race can take years, it might be an idea to have a deadline and give the prizes for

-The travel bug who had the most mileage during the race

-The travel bug who had the least mileage during the race

-the travel bug who visited the most caches during the race

When they are still out in the field, since they might never come home.


The deadline doesn't have to be a spesific date, but might be by the time the 3rd (or whatever) racer gets home. (After the 3rd racer gets home, there will be no "get home" prizes left anyway...)


Some Californian cachers started a race here in Norway this summer. First to get back to California... Most of them where still here by the time the winter came, so we had to ship them (by a cacher) to Copenhagen, Denmark to prevent them to get stuck here during winter. They are still in Copenhagen...

You can see one of the racers here:


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Yeah, sounds okay. I will wait for some more input to our questions before I decide any changes to the rules..


But we could always do anything like:


The first racing bug to return

The second racing bug to return

The third racing bug to return


Then will we give away prizes for the rest of the bugs except the three above, for:

The bug who had the most mileage during the race

and so on...



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Hi! The are a lot of people interested in the race (right are the 18 bugs submitted to the race!)...


So, if you are interested in having your own bug racing from Sweden to South Africa & back to Sweden again, please check this website: www.bugrace.tk where you find all the information, rules, list of bugs etc. You will also find a link to the bug event in Sweden where the race starts at!

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22 bugs in the race right now, and they are starting to drop in by mail to us...

If you wanna have your own bug in the race, it is time to send it to us NOW...


Soon will it be too late...

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There is 29 bugs in the race right now, and this is how they origin:


9 bugs from Sweden

7 bugs from Norway

4 bugs from USA

3 bugs from UK

3 bugs from Finland

2 bugs from Germany

and finally 1 bug from Canada


We will accept only a few more bugs in the race...

Edited by hedberg

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Btw, I'm trying to find out how far it is between these two locations, but none of our programs will tell me that:


N57 41.108 E12 05.170

S34 03.575 E18 22.883


Anyone that can tell me the correct answer?

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N57 41.108 E12 05.170

S34 03.575 E18 22.883

In Maidenhead:







Distance = 10 183.624 km Az 174.768° RevAz 356.622°


This result has about 0.1-0.2 % error. For more information cf. Viestikallio Tools page.

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The distance between Sweden and South Africa and back to sweden again are about 20400 km or 12700 miles...

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The distance between Sweden and South Africa and back to sweden again are about 20400 km or 12700 miles...

Yes, about 10 200 km. Back and forth twice that.


175° from Sweden and 357° from South-Africa.

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