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Pocket Quiries Down?


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While I'm mightily glad for all the RR folks who are now getting communications, another Wednesday has come without my PQ. I guess I'll be contacting TPTB directly, as the fixes that have helped others out recently are apparently not for the problem I'm having...

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[...] another Wednesday has come without my PQ.

Your query was sent out at 1/7/2004 1:22:38 AM PST to your account's email address. Send that email and I'll make sure Elias looks up the mail server logs to see what happened.

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Hi, Jeremy-- I sent a message to the "contact" address late last night. Hope it's something easy to fix... my brain can't deal with anything involved right now!

T-storm -


It looks like your Pocket Query as well as other emails were all delivered yesterday. I replied to the email you sent last night with more details.


;) Elias

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You know, Elias, that was NOT what I was hoping to hear... you guys are much more responsive than my web hosting company. And to make it worse, several months ago they moved their mail servers to a third party company, so you know what it will be like to try to get someone to take responsibility for fixing it. Sigh... But thank you for looking into it.

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Am I just blind or something? :D

But I can't seem to find the page where I can go in and edit my pocket quiries. I created one, and decided I wanted to go in and change something, but for some reason I just can't find it... I guess I just need a good night's sleep, or someone smart to tell me what I'm doing wrong. B)

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:D Thanks, I got it working now. The reason I wasn't seeing anything there was because for some reason the quiries I had tried to make didn't take so there wasn't any there for me to edit. Oh well, I got it working now and all is fine. Oh, by the way, I've only had my GPS for 3 weeks now and am up to 30 finds. :o I'm just so happy. LOL
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