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Well I can tell you for a fact that if you wanted to CREATE your own geocoins it would be very costly, but if you just wanted to buy them, you can get them at www.usageocoins.com they are the national ones that are officially endorsed by Groundspeak that you can track just like a travel bug at the main site. Also several state organizations (I believe california is one) have their own coins... Just do a search in these forums for geocoin and you'll get a lot of hits with info...

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Thanks FISUR, I knew I had remembered seeing your site somewhere, just couldn't figure out the link. But yah, FISUR's site lists just about every geocoin (metal and all types alike) that has been made and is known to him...


Check it out, it's really informative and can give you some great ideas if your looking to design your own...

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Design is one thing...but where to have 'em made is a whole other headache!  :blink:  Any pointers kids?  Thanks!




And off topic...why does it say "tadpole" under my beautiful mug? :( And why isn't my signature there too?


Sucks being new! ;)



I beleive after about 10 posts you will no longer be a "tadpole" :mad:

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Design is one thing...but where to have 'em made is a whole other headache!  ;)  Any pointers kids?  Thanks!




Do a google/yahoo search for challenge coins and/or custom poker chips.


Below are some past companies that have been used for custom geocoins. I'm sure that there are a lot of other companies out there that can do the job as well. Also listed below are companies that sell geocoins and some suggestions for handmade geocoins.


Team FISUR: Made at Quality Challenge Coins (www.wemakecoins.com)


Wanderingdragon: Made at D & R Military Specialties (www.militaryspecialties.com)


USA, Oregon, and soon-to-be minted California geocoins: Made at Pressed Metal Products (www.pressedmetal.net). If you want to use the approved geocaching.com logo, this place might be cost effective since they already have die for one side of the coin.


GeoNap: Possibly made at MTM Coins (www.honorcoins.com)


Vacman: Made at KVCoins (www.kvcoins.com)


Texas: Sold at www.txgeocoins.com


Canada: Sold at www.geocoins.ca


Green Man and Joy of Geocaching Geocoins: Sold at www.geocachetreasure.com


USA: Sold at www.usageocoins.com


Oregon (www.cogeo.org) (possible re-order in future)


California (www.calif.geocoin.net)


Crusso: Made at www.pokerchips.com


MountainMudbug: Directions for Polymer Clay Geocoins (www.geocities.com/graphixoutpost/geocoins.html)


Big Bad Trucker: Made at Old Time Wooden Nickel Company (www.wooden-nickel.com). Also see Big Bad Trucker's pointers in regard to wooden nickels (http://members.fortunecity.com/geonickel)


Myarch: Find instructions for Myarch's wooden geotokens at www.geocities.com/team_fisur/geocoins/page17/make/make.html


If you plan on using the geocaching.com logo on your coins, be sure to check out the Geocaching Logo and Trademark Guidelines. If you are looking for public domain logo ideas, check out brdad's Public Domain Geocaching Logo Page.


If you want to see images of any of the above-referenced geocoins/geotokens, as well as others, go to the Geocoin Designs section of our home page.


I hope this helps.



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