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Yah, I've actually changed my name several times, then and again that was BEFORE I started actually caching, back then I was just a forum lurker. But really nothing bad will happen, you just might lose some of the respect, (if any) you've earned until people recognize it's you, then it'll be back to normal...

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So ... what kind of horrible bad things are gonna happen to me if I try to change my name?

Not a thing. I changed mine a couple of years ago from Jerry& Kathie To El Diablo. All your information will folow your new name.


El Diablo

and then he grew horns, developed a terrible red rash and felt the unquenchable desire to forge staffs from wood.




And then there is the whole evil horde following him!!! :unsure:



[on topic]

Should not be a problem, all will be transferred without problem

[/on topic]

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