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Geocaching Lic. Plates.


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Well I don't know about others, but we try to WALK or cycle to our geocaches <snip> To us Geocaching is about getting out and spending time together as a family doing something fun and cheap. For us, conquering the outdoors is something we do on mountain bike, in our sailboat or by foot, not in an SUV. We have a GPS guided stroller, mountain bikes, and sailboat complete with dinghy.

:wacko: So you're saying you don't have a desire for a personalized plate, or that you HAVE personalized plates for your strollers and mountain bikes?


We like to hike and do this as a family activity too. In fact, since we DO like to do this as a family thing, we take our SUV the 15 - 275 miles to the general cache site before we hike in together. Our 4 year old really isn't up to riding her bike that far yet, and at 7-mos pregnant, neither am I! :lol: But you're right, most land managers really would hate it if they saw my Expedition drive within 30 feet of a cache, particularly the type I favor hunting. <_<


Okay, so I'm teasing and poking a bit of fun at you.... Your post seemed to suggest that drivers of combustion engine vehicles aren't family folks, can't possibly be truly enjoying the outdoors, and aren't REAL geocachers. I thought that was kinda a departure from those posting messages deriving a bit of fun from endulging their geocaching craziness in a personalized license plate.


On the topic at hand, someone mentioned wanting to use FOUNDIT, but only having 6 character slots available? What about FINDIT or FND IT, a couple we considered. Or (not as good) FNDBOX, FINDBX or FND BX.

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Okay, so I'm teasing and poking a bit of fun at you....


Good, it worked! I was wondering who was going to be the first to comment! I just wanted to take a poke at those who complain about parking at a cache, as I think I did once.


We are fortunate that we live in the middle of one of the busiest caching areas in North America. Our own cache is located about 200 meters away, and there are literally hundreds of them withing a 30 minute bike ride from our home. Really no need to drive to them.


An SUV would be pointless where we live, it does not snow much here, when it does we stay home. We live in a city where the roads are paved, and shopping for groceries and everything else is no more than a 20 minute walk away. We still drive the same car that we have had for the last 9 years and have no plans to buy another one for quite a while, with the cost of gas the way it is we try not to drive a whole lot. I love poking fun at people for buying them to go "conquer" the shopping mall!


If I want to spend $60 000 on something, I am going to buy a bigger sailboat. I can at least put a custom name on it without having to be limited to certain number of letters or pay a crazy fee for the priviledge of having it personal!

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