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Depends on what you want to do with it. I have the U.S. Topo. IIRC, the Legend is a mapping unit so it should be good for that.


Main drawback to the U.S. Topo is that the unit doesn't have memory enough to store topo information for the whole country.


There are also National Parks East and National Parks West topos, which have more detail but less coverage area.

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I have Roads and Rec and really like it.


The following is a quote by ABXGuy on the MIGO website:

"workingstiff wrote:

Abx, so you think that the data for topo and roads and rec is the same? Try it pick a remote spot up north and compare the images. I quess I may need to click around the state and do an avereage of what software seems to indicate the trail info.thanks Dan


No, the road/rec map data is periodically updated. A a matter of fact, Garmin just released the map data update for 2003. The map data for Garmin's MapSource road/rec maps is compiled by in independant source, NavTech.


The Garmin MapSource topo maps uses standard USGS map data which the USGS not been updated for years.


I actually use MapSource North America City Select (map data updated by NavTech) on my GPS V and MapSource US Topo (map data updated by USGS) on my etrex Legend."

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