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Racist Slurs In Cache Descriptions


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I understand her logic but I do not see the perceived slur.


I do not understand her problem with the cache page. As I read the page, there was just a warning that there is a possible problem with this cache being located by people who happen to camp in this area once and a while. And it would not manner which group of people you wanted to insert in the cache description, it was just a warning.


A) The cache might be found by non cachers.

:o There could be a camp of non cachers at this or near this site

C) We put very little in the cache due to the high chance of the cache walking off.

And they just named the local group of people who inhabit the area.


Heck, I would post the same warning if I was putting a cache in the Butte Falls area.

"I put a cache on a landing out in the brush.

A lot of loggers/hunters/tourist/Forest service/BLM people stop here so we put very little in the container as it might walk off."


"I put a cache on a fishing pier. A lot of fishermen/boaters/canoist stop by here so we put very little in the cache as it might walk off."


Big deal.



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