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Ok, I Can't Figure This Out


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I really did try to figure this one out on my own before I started yelling for help... What does the "0% warn" and 5 little boxes on my posts under my avatar mean? How do I make it go away?


And I'm sorry about the avatar test that I accidentally put on here. I was using the pinned test-thread, but then got going to fast when I COULDN'T MAKE IT WORK.


I am the poster child for computer illiteracy.... :mad:

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That little feature is to tell you when you have been warned by a moderator for off color humor, flaming someone directly, purposely changing thread topic.

The boxes change color the more warnings you get. Fill them all and you can be banned from the forum for awhile. You can not get rid of the meter, but you are the only one that can see your own besides the moderators.

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You can be banned without filling up your warning meter.


Other things that can get you a warning.

Showing a lack of respect to GC.com it's admins or moderators, in the forums or using the Private Messge feature.

Indirectly insulting works just as well. Indirect being something other than what you were meaning to do or what you thought you were doing.


I don't know where the line is to get banned for a few days. Certain members seem to be targeted and banned rather than warned until they hit 100%. Iv'e seen humor get you banned. But humor depends on which end of it you are on.

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