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Magellan Sporttrak Map

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I have geocached several sites and have used my SportTrak as a map in cities, also and it has worked wonderful. I have downloaded the MapSend software and have had good luck with it as well. I recently had not used my GPS for awhile and when I went to use it, I found that the cursor, which shows where you are at and travels exactly in the middle of the road I'm on, is now to the side of the road I'm on by about an 1/8". It used to track right on the road. I re-initialized my unit twice and it didn't fix it. I have tried going through my settings to fix it, but haven't had any luck. What would cause it to shift to the right of the road I'm on. The tracking lines used to be almost exactly on the road. They are accurate at about a 500 ft. zoom or greater, but when you get to 100-250 ft., they are off. Please help me fix this as I want to be able to accurately find more geocache sites. Thank you!

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RK is right, I've had a Sportrak for almost a year and it's not unusual for the tracks to be a little off the road on a close up zoom. Drive up and down the same road and you'll often see multiple tracks. I don't find the 100-250' maps to be all that useful when driving anyways and usually I'm on the .40 map to drive with.


Remember you don't use a map (at least I don't) to find caches, and you probably won't be travelling 60 mph as you zero in on them :mad:



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The Sport Trak Map also has some locations in the base map that roads are just in the wrong place. There is a state route in NW Ohio that is on the wrong side of a river, that caused us a bit of confusion once. Now we just use the map for a rough idea of where we are at.

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I use a SproTrak Pro, and have noticed the same thing mentioned in these posts. One thing that you might want to look at is the screen that shows the error in feet. Depending on the quality of satalite signals that you are getting this error will be greater or less, and that error is probably what you are seeing in your tracks.

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I've had the same problem with my Sportrak map. While walking in downtown SLC I was walking due east, but according to my GPSr my heading ranged anywhere from 021 to 080. You'd expect a little off from 090 due to magnetic vs. true north, but not 60 degrees! I figure it's due to the tall buildings etc. I guess we live with it. :D

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I thought about getting mapping software for my sport trak .. then decieded 1/2 the fun was the "do you think we should turn here? is ther another road going to the right in the next mile or so" .. Of course this from a woman that just really likes to drive.. I used to go out as a teen and TRY to get lost .. then have to find my way home.. I sure could have used a GPS in those days!

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Maps are off. 

I don't think it's so much that the maps are wrong (though I'll admit I don't think they're perfect either) as it is the scale of things. Try this: set your map to the 100' scale, now look at an Interstate Hwy at that scale. According to the map scale (1/2" = 100'), I-5 is roughly 8 feet wide! B) In fact, I-5 is more like 150 feet from edge to edge, perhaps more. If the roads were displayed at their actual width, you'd probably find that most of your tracks were dead on, or nearly so. At the smaller scales, the displayed width of the roads becomes correct for the scale or even wider, so the track stays on the road.

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